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... All blood work I have had done has came back normal. So my question is, how do they diagnose cancer? ... (1 replies)
... She went to her doctor and when he did her blood work he sent her to the hospital for a colonoscopy right away. When they found the blockage they decided to do surgery immediately. ... (10 replies)
... am wondering what are the warning signs of cancer. I know I've read the symptoms but those also seem to be the symptoms of other diseases. When the DOCTOR does blood work do they test for cancer? ... (5 replies)

... My husband has Stage IV "base of tongue" cancer and his blood work has been normal all along. ... (3 replies)
Losing Blood
May 17, 2006
... Then it kept her blood level kept dropping. So they just kept a close eye on her. ... (5 replies)
... If it was some sort of cancer the pains I feel would probably be constant right? ... (9 replies)
... inner ears have been feeling like there's pressure in them. It was never really constant until last night, I'm still feeling it slightly but not as bad. I've had blood tests done to check my platelet levels and I was told everything was perfect. ... (9 replies)
... hen an MRI seemed to have ruled that out. His MRI and CT scan showed everything looked good. Also did a colonscopy and gastroscopy and that was good as well. His blood work is pretty much coming back spectacular but is CA 125 was a bit elevated. ... (2 replies)
... showing patchy red marrow and hyperplasia. My primary doc ordered some blood work and it confirmed hyperplasia, and very low iron. The MRI also suggested I get a nuclear bone scan. I had that done and it came back negative. ... (0 replies)
... Celiac's Disease last Novemeber and have since been gluten free. On my checkup in January I had an enlarged spleen found during examination. I recently had some blood work done and had an ultrasound of my abdomen to check for an enlarged spleen. ... (0 replies)
... ctor is saying possible ulcer in the abdomin but my dr is seeing me back sooner because she so courious to see what the gyn says. Now my question is could all my blood work came back normal with all this? ... (1 replies)
... Thank you so much for the replies.. Just knowing that's it's not likely cancer related puts me at ease. ... (9 replies)
... There are many things that could be wrong, but I don't think cancer is the most likely problem. You say that he's been on a morphine pump for the pain associated with back problems. ... (3 replies)
... Did they do any blood work to check your lipase or blood sugar? ... (1 replies)
... hmm I don't know the answer to that one. I would think then drs would be doing more blood work on people. Hopefully someone passing by these boards can answer that question. ... (8 replies)
... e a gasterentrologost. It could be IBS but I think the doctors are quick to label things. I would think an ultrasound or a MRI would be the next step. If only blood work did show everything but it doesn't. It could also be your gallbladder. ... (8 replies)
... off" through bloodwork are Leukemias and sometimes Lymphoma's because they are inherently cancers of the blood and lymphatic system itself. ... (9 replies)
... Sorry, I felt I should add a little more info that may or may not be relevent. I have been told I also have autoimmune disease, but my doc didn't do blood work to verify as I have no insurance. He just said my symptoms were almost positive for it, and I have been taking predisone daily for a year. ... (7 replies)
Blood work
Oct 16, 2008
... I have a positive ANA, I am now anemic, not due to Iron or B12 dificiency, they are low but not negative. I have a high ESR and a High elivated CRS. I have had an endoscope and a colonoscopy. Polyps found and removed they where normal. Everything else is pretty normal. So in your opinion is this pointing toward cancer? Oh yea I also have (0 replies)
... I would suggest going to your family doc and having blood work done. ... (1 replies)

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