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... I have found two of these same hard pea size lumps in my stomach area in the fat. I am going to see the dr on friday to find out what these are. I was beginning to think they had something to do with the fat. ... (0 replies)
... Im a 17 yr old British male with blone hair and blue eyes. I'm about 6ft3 in height and weigh about 13 stone. ... (5 replies)
... hell I am a heavy set man 57 trs old always an active guy use to work like a dog but illness got me slowed down to a crawl. due to diabetes a carcinoid tumor removed in stomach and my feet are in real pain all day from nerve damage back problems to facet joint arthritis thoratic spine osteoarthritis now these large lumps like a ball behind the knee i was in the hospital in... (0 replies)

... I'm 14 years old. I have had a mysetrious lump in the lower left part of my abdomen. I discovered it like 4 years ago and it could have been there even longer. ... (1 replies)
... Can anyone please help me and tell me what test i need to set my mind at ease i have a feeling that i have cancer in my stomach. ... (3 replies)
Stomach Lump
Feb 18, 2004
... Had this lump removed last week. The surgeon said it would be sent to the lab for tests as this was routine. Will these tests tell for definate if the lump is cancerous or not or will further tests be required. ... (16 replies)
Stomach Lump
Dec 10, 2003
... The lump is probably a cyst of some sort: the human body does many things like that. Your high blood pressure is likely not related to cancer, but it is a serious health condition on its own. You should monitor your blood pressure closely, watch your salt intake, eat a heart-healthy diet, quit smoking if you smoke and/or end any chronic exposure to second-hand smoke you may... (16 replies)
Stomach Lump
Feb 9, 2004
... can feel quite hard, depending on their location. In any case, the surgeon will be able to make a good guess after removing the lump, but he will also send the lump to a pathology lab for evaluation by a pathologist. ... (16 replies)
Stomach Lump
Dec 8, 2003
... I have a lump under my skin just under my rib cage. I've had it for 6 years but have never got it checked out and I'm afraid that it could be cancer. It is quite hard but movable.It has grown slightly over the years and is a little bigger than a pea. ... (16 replies)
... on and a 3 month old daughter i dont want to find out i have cancer im just so worried though so good news would be good. o yeah and the doctor said i have lumps in my breasts but he said i dont have to worry about them...please someone respond any advice would be nice.. ... (10 replies)
... About 3 years ago i got this lump under my skin on the left side of my stomach when i lay down u can see it when i touch it it is not really hard feels like a rubber ball. ... (5 replies)
... well to start of I am 14. I have always had a healthy lifestyle. I have no lineage of cancer in my family. I have never smoke, drank, revcieved 2nd hand smoke or anything. I just seem to have a fear of dying of cancer. ... (2 replies)
... old they were lipomas. Within a week or 2 I had another one grow where the last one was removed. It wasnt hurting me so I assumed it must be another lipoma. Well in the last month or so I have noticed them popping up all over my body. ... (4 replies)
Very Bizarre
May 29, 2007
... uneventful. i have never had to go to the hospital, and there have been very few occasions where i have seen a doctor besides my family pediatrician. I am also in fairly good shape. In addition, i began puberty at about the age of 13. ... (4 replies)
... mass in my groin. In the inguinal area. It is hard and movable. By movable, I mean that I can push it back inside my abdomen. It is under the skin and quite hard. ... (5 replies)
... reatment plan for stage 4. His tumor was so large that surgery would have been too disfiguring.So they tried to shrink the tumor first. He had a feeding tube put in his stomach because radiation causes the throat to become very sore and swallowing is difficult. ... (77 replies)
... you wouldn't be able to eat, you wouldn't be able to swallow, you'd be in constant abdominal pain, you'd have bone pain, liver problems etc. etc. ... (3 replies)
... i do get abdominal pain all the time where the bump is but i have none of the other stuff that you said. I do get night sweats once in a blue moon but that is about it. every morning i feel like i will vomit but i never do so i am wondering if i have acid reflux? ... (3 replies)
Oct 28, 2014
... My name is Fiona. I'm 22 and in college. I've been feeling really unwell over the last few months. ... (1 replies)
... like the swelling one would get with a bruise. It has also been tender for a few weeks. It is painful when I push on it. The swelling has not gone up or down in the past week. ... (3 replies)

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