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... Info I read says 3F, female fertile and forty are good candidates for this affliction. I ran it by my chrioprater and he said occasional ajustments would be a good idea. He also told me it takes along time to recover if you don't have surgery, his problems he nursed for seven years but has knowledge of treatments lasting for twenty years. His advice, and mine is, if you... (7 replies)
... I had an ultra sound and they couldnt find any gallstones. I keep going in for blood tests, but nothing for pain. It's killing me!!! I just dont know what's going on. (7 replies)
... I have had 4 children, the last one I too had the same issues you are describing, and they said it was my gallbladder. They wanted me to have it out, but wait until after I had my daughter. I actually chose to have the baby a week before her due date (doc gave me that choice) because I could notlonger stand the pain. After she was born it went away within a few weeks! Havent... (7 replies)

... Ihope thats all it is, but my symptoms don't seem to come on after meals. I don't even have a fatty diet. I looked up gallstones. I don't have adominal pain or vomiting. So I am still nervous. (7 replies)
... Valo, Yep, It was at around 6 months that I started having the same syptoms you describe. Staying away from heavy meals, especially fatty meals helped tremendously. A low fat diet with lots of fruit (not acidic fruit), and vegetables kept me stable until I had my surgery. If I even had a slice of pizza I ended up in agony, and then threw up! I'd give it a try and see... (7 replies)
... When did you symptoms start? Mine started the 5 month. The pain is so bad some nights I cant sleep. it's usually a sharp pain under my right breast, then sometimes it will radiate to my back and middle of my chest. I saw the lab report from my GYN and it said for me to see a gastro asap. he said they cant do anything now to check it out because I am pregnant, I am a... (7 replies)
... Valo, I also had gallbladder attacks, during my second pregnancy. Apparently it happens to a lot of women during pregnancy, I can't explain exactly why though. I would bet it is definitely gallstones. I actually ended having mine out exactly 3 months after my child was born. Make sure you follow up with your doctor! It'll put your mind at ease! Joanne (7 replies)
... I am a bit confused.. I am 6 months pregnant. I started having a bad stabbing burning pain right under my right breast area, I guess that would be the upper part of my ribcage, sometimes it gets so bad it radiates to my back. I went to the doctors and they ran some blood tests and wantedme to see a gastro doc asap. My lipase was at 81 and my amylase was at 114. I... (7 replies)

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