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... which both have their own cancer fighting properties. ... (2 replies)
... to do anymore. I am so tired of worrying over my health...I am fourteen years old will be fourteen and a half in august. I have no. not one trace of any type of cancer in my family. no health issues. i've always been healthy only the docter a few times a year. im just a little bit overweight. ... (6 replies)
... i do get abdominal pain all the time where the bump is but i have none of the other stuff that you said. I do get night sweats once in a blue moon but that is about it. every morning i feel like i will vomit but i never do so i am wondering if i have acid reflux? (3 replies)

... I totally see your concern cymidei. I can tell you that you don't have cancer. If this lump has been there for more than even 1 year, and it's not in the thyroid (one of the most "benign" maligant tumours in humans is a papillary tumour of the thyroid) it's not cancer. If it was cancer (especially stomach cancer) you wouldn't be able to eat, you wouldn't be able to swallow,... (3 replies)
... athered a lot of life already. About 4 years ago he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and the tumor was removed surgically. Then a few months later was the stomach cancer Diagnosis. Radiation and chemo pills succeeded in making the cancer completely undetectable, and we were hoping he was done. ... (4 replies)
... i.e Pancreatic versus Stomach cancer, or Bowel cancer etc. But is the Doctor right when he says that if I had any sort of cancer at all something would have shown up in the blood tests? ... (8 replies)
... I have no idea what is wrong with me everytime i go to my family doctor he says that these lumps in my stomach are nothing yet it is odd that about 3 years ago i felt fine before i noticed these lumps. ... (4 replies)
... rays done since someone in my family died of stomach cancer. ... (2 replies)
... Insufficient exposure to ultraviolet radiation may be an important risk factor for cancer in Western Europe and North America, according to a new study published in the prominent Cancer journal that directly contradicts official advice about sunlight. ... (1 replies)
... She has just started chemo. This is her second time with cancer about a year ago she had surgery for stomach cancer she was put on chemo after her surgery and given a cancer free report. After 6 months she was told she has it again. ... (1 replies)
... a severe form of stomach cancer. ... (0 replies)
... our father talking about it. My nephew was devastated and starting crying, saying that I was going to die and it wasn't fair. Their step father passed away from stomach cancer not to long ago. So cancer to them is already scary to them at their young age. But at what age should they find out? ... (3 replies)
... The likelihood is that this cancer is a recurrence of the original stomach cancer. It's probable that the first chemotherapy did not completely knock out all the cancerous cells, or perhaps this is unfortunately an aggressive cancer. ... (1 replies)
... nothing except this constant burping. I have terrible health anxiety, and made the mistake of googling this...and frequent burping came up as an early sign of stomach cancer. Ever since I saw that, I've convinced myself that's what I have. ... (0 replies)
Cancer Pain
Jun 13, 2012
... My husband had stomach cancer, he did two rounds of chemo and then they did surgery and removed the cancer. ... (8 replies)
Colon cancer?
Jun 9, 2011
... Hi, I'm a 26 year old male. My grandma died of stomach cancer recently. Well, I have felt this pain in my right side, it's not severe just a discomfort. ... (6 replies)
... rays are taken. It could be acid reflux. Endoscopy would have ruled out stomach cancer. Colonoscopy would have ruled out any large intestine problems. ... (8 replies)
... They did give us a piece of advise hrs before he passed that was very helpful in terms of what liver and stomach cancer patients experience right before death. Thankfully they warned us as it could have been very much more overwhelming for us otherwise. ... (13 replies)
... for stomach cancer and, while it was not nice, the nausia was controlled well and she got through without any major problems. ... (10 replies)
... rays. Do you think this could be stomach cancer though? ... (0 replies)

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