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... I'm not sure if it's really helping. I get worried that it may turn into something serious and I am nervous about going to a doctor to get that scope put down my throat because I don't know how really clean it is. ... (6 replies)
Thick Neck???
Apr 10, 2005
... I've had throat cancer. I think you're absolutely right in insisting that someone come up with a diagnosis other than "thick neck". ... (2 replies)
... I had throat cancer six years ago. I took 33 radiation treatments, and am examined at fairly frequent intervals with no sign of recurrence. ... (7 replies)

Life After Cancer
Nov 22, 2004
... His tumor was on his tonsil not the larnyx.Will it stay this way forever or is his throat still healing? ... (5 replies)
... My son has had a sore throat for 3 mos. now...He is 21 and he did smoke but quit about 2 yrs ago...Im sure its not cancer..he has been to 3 family doctors, 2 ENTS, and an allergist.... ... (2 replies)
... My throat doesnt feel sore as such. Just something there that bleeds when scratched by something. Tomorrow I will know more from the Ears, Nose and throat specialist. Its all really worrying, which is natural. ... (4 replies)
... When this bleeding started I did not have any throat problems, but now I feel like there is something there. I was wondering where the bleeding was coming from, it was thought my stomach or somewhere. ... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone. I'm 22 years old. About one week ago I got a lump in my throat, feels like it's at the very bottom of my throat. It doesn't hurt but it's very bothersome. I keep trying to swallow hoping it will go away. I already made an appt. with ENT dr for Fri. Has anyone else just had this one symptom? Please give me some input of what to expect at the dr. I'm kinda scared.... (0 replies)
... many months now since you posted this and I'm just hoping your hubby is doing better by now. It's a shame he had the PEG tube removed as it would have given his throat have a rest. Bless him and you and hoping he has eaten much better since your original post. ... (1 replies)
... I am 24+ Male from India. I do drink sometimes, around weekends mostly. I did not use to smoke,but devil knows why I started around September 2012. I smoked maximum 5 cigarettes per day. Around mid of January this year, I found myself having a sore throat. I noticed small bumps at my oropharynx. I will try to post some picture. Could it be Cancer? PS:The moment I had... (0 replies)
... looked irritated, probably due to something along the lines of mild acid reflux. So I left feeling pretty good knowing that it wasn't cancer and figured that things would get better. Well they haven't. ... (4 replies)
... just recently i was seen at the er for bad back and side pain , now its lower back pain,stomach pain, have had a cough for about 3 mnths now, constant mucus in the back of my throat,and if i eat once a day, when i eat i have about 2-3 bites and im ready to puke, almost constant nautiousness, feel weak and drained all the time, so the er doc took a ct scan of abdomen and it... (1 replies)
... I wish you the best! Let us know how it goes. (10 replies)
... months and finally i had the egd today they did some biopsies and hopefully its nothing bad but i wont get my results untill friday so i hope its not cancer because they did say i had one spot they could see in my throat that didnt look good... ... (10 replies)
... Hi! I just found out about this website. I had squamous cell cancer in the neck and throat area and I am alive to tell about it. I was diagnosed almost 5 years ago. I am doing much better. It is a tough road. ... (18 replies)
Swollen lymph node
Jul 14, 2009
... Defin. follow through but my friend had throat cancer. He had a lump on his neck that did not get smaller until he started chemo and rad. ... (5 replies)
Mouth Cancer??
Jun 7, 2009
... an appointment now considering you have had swollen lymph nodes for over 2 months. The dentist would be ok, but I would make an appointment with an ear nose and throat surgeon. I dont mean to alarm you, but I am an oral cancer survivor and if this is something serious, the sooner it is addressed, the better. ... (5 replies)
... I have multiple symptoms which i can't explain and i need to know if they are related to each other,it started by me waking up choking,it happened nearly 6 times in the past year and a half,i wake up feeling that i'm dying and i can't breath for seconds then i start coughing for another few seconds then it all return to normal, recently something happened,i felt a weird... (2 replies)
... yeah, i can understand your concerns, i've been suffering a irritating itchiness below the skin, almost within the meat of my neck for about a year and a half, i have had doctors X ray it, and ultra sound it, and all i got was "enlarged lymph nodes" as a response and it never went anyfurther then that. I am going to see a throat, ear, nose specialist jan 14th, but theres... (9 replies)
... Is it possible this is not cancer and is a result of something resulting from that? ... (6 replies)

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