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... I was the caregiver to my parents who both had cancer...Dad passed 08/04 and Mom 11/05. I too found myself so forgetful. Would get so mad at myself as I was trying to take care of everything for them as well as deal w/my family and kids. I wrote down EVERYTHING as I could remember NOTHING. Even then I would still forget to stop at store, what I was supposed to buy, etc. ... (13 replies)
... Thank you, Misty. Although friends do not come into the house, during good weather we socialize in the backyard, outside, which I restored last Spring. And I get out to lunch with friends at least once per week. Plus I run all the errands, go for walks, go to the computer lab here at the local college....people are everywhere and I talk with them alot. In line at the store,... (13 replies)
... Aliasnewname: Your mother may not feel like she needs to have company but "you" do. You need to stop isolating yourself from society. It is very important for your mental/physical health to have friends over and even go out off and on. Find someone to stay with your mom a few hours so you can get out. This 24/7 will in the end cause health problems for you, unless, you... (13 replies)

... You sound like you are doing a wonderful job, and your mother is very lucky to have you. (13 replies)
... Georgie04, Mom said that she will make her own decisions until she is bedridden. Right now she is mobile from 2 to 6 hours per day, and with my assistance we grocery shop, go to lunch (nothing too fancy) and then she's too tired to do anything else. Her doctors have been apprised of her behavioral problems, but they need to see real evidence in their offices before they can,... (13 replies)
... Well THAT'S a pretty picture indeed :) From my experience I had to learn that there is a point in the caregiving spectrum where the 'caree' doesn't get to make decisions if, for whatever reason, their wishes are based on lack of reasoning powers or lack of understanding of practicalities affecting their situation. A good whack with the TV remote is something you would... (13 replies)
... Georgie04, I can picture it very clearly: 6 nice nurses picking Mom up, oxygen tank and all, and she is screaming and cussing loud enough to raise Dad and my Brother from their graves! Pretty soon neighbors call in a noise disturbance to the police.......:eek: Actually on my street about half the homes have caregivers for elderly relatives, so we all understand each other,... (13 replies)
... Oh wow, that sounds difficult to handle. I was in a situation where I was sole caregiver to my SIL with dementia - like you, there won't be anyone around to look after me when I lose my marbles. I developed extremely high blood pressure - my doc says from stress. Working with the health agency who provide services for SIL, they proposed daycare MUCH against SIL's wishes. ... (13 replies)
... Adult daycare is a very good idea, and thru Mom's healthcare network there is a great program FREE for our situation. Mom REFUSED outright, saying as long as she is not bedridden she will not do anything she does not want to. It goes like this: I suggest something helpful, she interprets this as me wanting to control her, then she gets all upset, then her bronchial tubes slam... (13 replies)
... Me too!! It is scary, but I think stress is the cause for me. There can be other causes - thyroid, depression (probably not likely if you are sleeping well). But it may pay to get a checkup at the doctor's. And if it is stress, please take it as an early warning that you need to take care of you. 24/7 caregiving is going to affect your health so try to find some ways... (13 replies)
... I hear you on that reacting to your Mom's needs. That was me too. And believe me, she was unpredictable as can be. Tried to anticipate ahead of time the things she would need or want and never did seem to get it right. I didn't have any help either...only 1 sibling who lives on the east coast and never came around. It's such a lonely place to be and I truly feel for you. ... (13 replies)
... ZCB, thank you. Yes, no one understands caregivers except other caregivers. You say you don't have family support either? I don't know if you mean you have no other family, or they exist but don't live close enough to be helpful. It's scary. In the U.S. there are unpaid caregivers in one out of every 4 homes.....we have plenty of company but few have time to talk or take... (13 replies)
... I too am a caregiver but for my husband. I've been doing this for many years and he is getting worse all the time. I have a problem with forgetfulness also. I think it's from the stress of the caregiving. I have no family to help and I'm 66 with stomach problems (probably due to the stress). I've talked to other caregivers and forgetfulness seems to be a common problem. ... (13 replies)
... Hi, everyone. I am new to this board and not really computer-savvy, but here goes: I have been the only caregiver to my 82 year old Mom for 4 years now. I live with her. The rest of our family predeceased us and she does not let anyone else in the house. Most of her friends are dead or in nursing homes. Her primary diagnosis is end-stage emphysema (no tobacco involved;... (13 replies)

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