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... Your mother absolutely sounds mentally ill. ... (36 replies)
My mother hates me
Aug 28, 2006
... adn't heard me because she was on the telephone to my sister, whatever they were talking about her response was that she never wanted to have anything to do with me again , that I was a liar and my partner was violent. and that was a bad combination. ... (36 replies)
... my heart goes out to you. all my life my mother talked about how everyone knows your first born is the most special and you always do more for them. i am not the first born. ... (36 replies)

... You are an angel on this site ICC. My parents can't even compare to Silvia's mother. It is so sad how her mother has treated her, but it doesn't sound like she's all there. As bad as things have gotten at times, it's nothing like what Silvia has had to deal with. ... (36 replies)
My mother hates me
Aug 29, 2006
... I am happy that your mother is leaving you and it won't be long before she starts pour lies and complained about other relative she lives with. ... (36 replies)
... This was over a year to year and a half period. I tried to quit taking it and that's when I got my lesson about Xanax. You can't cold turkey that poisen. My mother was also taking it and having the same horrible side effects I was. Neither of us had any idea what was going on. Neither of us knew we were addicted. ... (36 replies)
... If you are like me, ICC, at some level you are still hoping that your mother will at the very least recognise and regret the harm she has done you, even if she is incapable of appreciating you. ... (36 replies)
... com. me and my daughters used to do that alot because we just couldn't get beyond the hurt or understand my she didn't like such nice, kind, giving people. ... (36 replies)
... Of three children I have always been the one my mother actively disliked, she made no secret of that. Paradoxically I have also been the one that helped her and stuck by her through thick and thin. ... (36 replies)
... Well my mother doesn't hate me and I can't imagine what you're going through Silvia. My heart goes out to you. My mother has never really appreciated me and I've spent a lifetime looking for that until recently. I finally just let it go with both my parents. I'm no longer looking for it and it is more peaceful. ... (36 replies)
My mother hates me
Aug 20, 2006
... et the chips fall where they do. as the gambler says "you have to know when to fold". it will be very difficult not knowing what is going on. i still think of my mother and hope she is alright but there is nothing i can do about the situation. i WILL NOT let her hurt me anymore. ... (36 replies)
My mother hates me
Aug 20, 2006
... ted social services. Since then there has been a flurry of sorting and packing which suggests that the current plan is that I come home one day and find that my mother has moved away permanently leaving no forwarding address. That is the way my family operates! ... (36 replies)
... Unfortunately, Daddy never really recovered from the anesthesia during his heart surgery, and he slid into alzheimers. Which meant he couldn't help me protest the accusations. Next thing I know, Daddy's been "put away" and Mom's gotten a restraining order against me. ... (36 replies)
... ovember so i guess since we are working on a year now i am more comfortable with my decision. it took time but the more i thought about her and her treatment of me the calmer i became because i knew it wouldn't happen anymore. you will get there. the wound is still open and hurts. ... (36 replies)
... can get. it's funny how little it takes to make us appreciative but people we do so much for don't care or give any thanks. it amazes me. i actually ran into my mother in the drs. about 2 weeks ago. always wondered what i would do. well i was in the bathroom when she came in and just sat down where she couldn't miss me. ... (36 replies)
My mother hates me
Aug 21, 2006
... I keep getting drawn in to thinking that I should have been more patient, let her run me down if that got her the attention that she needed, been more easy going, but it was going beyond that... ... (36 replies)
My mother hates me
Aug 13, 2006
... ng his care and visiting him daily for three years and then 3 times a week until he died. My brother refused to visit him ever, my sister said that she "trusted me to make all the right choices" and visited twice a year. ... (36 replies)
My mother hates me
Aug 10, 2006
... w you the appreciation you deserve. I've given up, I just help them cause it is what I want to do. Their behavior is their own responsibility. I do what makes me feel good, in spite of them! ... (36 replies)
... It breaks my heart to think that a mother could look at her child and break her spirit like you all have been describing. ... (36 replies)
... Hi ICC: How incredibly weird about your mother. I can't imagine what she could possibly be thinking. :confused: I don't even know what to say, how sad. I'm glad you didn't hide, but it's not always guilty people who avoid. Sometimes it's not worth the bother. I only say that because lately I've just felt so much like being left alone. There was a big blow up tonight at... (36 replies)

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