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My mother hates me
Aug 28, 2006
... I hate to think that this is normal, but I dare say you are right. ... (36 replies)
... Well my mother doesn't hate me and I can't imagine what you're going through Silvia. My heart goes out to you. My mother has never really appreciated me and I've spent a lifetime looking for that until recently. I finally just let it go with both my parents. I'm no longer looking for it and it is more peaceful. ... (36 replies)
... s gone thru radiation and chemotherapy. Drs. told her she had six months to live, she has already lived much longer than the prognosis. She had to move in with my longtime boyfriend and I in Jan. of this year. It has really put a strain on my relationship, to say the least. ... (5 replies)

... I can relate with you almost to a tee except my mother does not have cancer shes just crazy shes like a child she has no grey matter in her brain witch is basically the processer of her life what else is there to do but talk to people you dont know on the comp. Nobody else that knows you or your situation cares right i like strangers they seem to be judgementle... (11 replies)
... You owe her not feel guilty...just leave her....that is the problem with nasty mothers they exploit the ones who are soft and caring...she wont change...they never really do... (11 replies)
... I moved to Florida from California last year. My mother has cancer and I was getting calls in CA from my mother's hospital, from social workers and nurses that my mother was very sick. ... (11 replies)
... My Mother did lots of horrible things to me during my adult life and caused so much trouble in my marriage and with my daughter that I had every right to never speak to her again. ... (22 replies)
... Your post made me very sad because I understand. My mother was mentally ill and abusive and should have never had kids. She spent her entire life trying to make me miserable. She committed suicide 12 years ago. ... (22 replies)
My mother hates me
Aug 24, 2006
... Your case is very normal. I had it with my grandpa and mother. ... (36 replies)
... medicating for a strong case of bipolar through her entire life and my childhood. I had to raise myself. Oddly I've done well despite the lack of parenting. Strong career, more sucessful than many of my peers. ... (22 replies)
... I added this thread in of July.. and my Mother died Sept 6th. The people who said to try and find peace with her.. and do as much as I could for her .. cause I would regret it.. were RIGHT. ... (22 replies)
... go ahead and hate her. ... (14 replies)
... It seems that your mother has entrusted you with her daily activities. ... (22 replies)
... my beautiful son is 4 and my beautiful daughter is 19 months. She nearly died last April and has 2 serious medical conditions, which, thank God are currently under control. ... (14 replies)
... Well of course you don't understand how we feel. We had not so great relationships with our Mom , or Dad that has brought us to this point. The point where we feel resentment in having to take care of them. No one can understand that but people in the same situation. (22 replies)
... in and help once or twice a week and if you have siblings they just need to step up. For god sake they are your parents, I guess I have a different view because my parents would be there for me no matter and I would be there for me. I just look at it like they will be gone one day and that breaks my heart. ... (22 replies)
... You may have a point there about her recieving what she put out. But YOU my dear can stop the cycle now/today/yesterday. Why not forgive her, so you can live without having to repeat the same thing. Would you rather have cancer eating up your body with no one around to love and support you?:( or would you rather have support with loving hands to support you? :angel: (22 replies)
... Then I suppose she is getting back from me what she put into my awful childhood. She was a horrible mother. Not one ounce of love in her .. oh til now.. she will say love ya, makes me cringe.. ... (22 replies)
... I pray that you never need help because what we put out comes back around to you.:( (22 replies)
... No not a bad person just a mad daughter. All the burden fell on you. Their is always one good and caring child in the family that gets stuck with the depressing part of losing a family member. I don't know how old you are but i'm sure it's taking a chunk out of your social life and privacy. I commend you for the mere fact that you are doing this when you don't want to ,which... (22 replies)

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