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I had surgery in August 2001 on my right hand. This was a work related accident. My hand was swollen and in extreme pain. After surgery there was signs of improvement, the swelling was gone, but I still had pain and numbness in my thumb, Index finger and Middle Finger. I went back to the Company Doctor who preformed the surgery and he kept telling me the pain and numbness was normal. He said that it could take a month or even years for the nerve to regenerate and the pain to go away. It has been about 18 months and the pain is still there so I went back to the doctor and he thought I might have a pinched nerve in my neck. He did another Nerve study test and then a MRI on my neck. He said the MRI showed a bulging disc in my neck causing the pain in my hand. I told him that my neck didn't hurt but still he presisted that was what my problem was. He recommended physical therpy. However my workers comp insurance wasn't statisfied and sent me to a nuerosurgen. They sent a representive with me, for what I don't know. The doctor said my bulging disc wasn't there and did a few test on me. The lady from WC asked what the problem was and he said that I had carpel Tunnel. She told him that I had CT Surgery already. And he said I had inadaquit surgery. Now I am waiting for WC to find a surgen who will go in and fix what the first doctor screwed up.

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