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[QUOTE=NancyH]So many ways. I have ulnar nerve palsey in both hands, recently had ulnar nerve transposition in the left on May4th, still recovering, some feeling in the two fingers and over sensitive in other parts of the hand. It can be pernicious anemia, diabetes,(Vit B12 def)an injury, falling on the wrists for instance, or for no reason they can tell which is idiopathic.[/QUOTE]

:wave: I have hypothyroidism and was dx'd w/ulnar nerve entrapment last year. I chose not to have the surgery because my condition was not that painful at the time.
When I was dx'd as hypo and put on thyroid hormone replacement, the numbness and tingling I experienced are for the most part GONE.
I urge everyone who is considering surgery for carpal tunnel (it's listed as a symptom of hypothyroidism) or anything with the ulnar nerve to get your doctor to test your TSH levels as well as free t3 and free t4. This will tell your doctor if you have thyroid problems. If you do, then you can take meds and see if that aleviates your symptoms. I could have had the surgery but didn't. Thank God because my body is getting better now that I have the thyroid hormones I need in my system. Take care.

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