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Is this CTS?
Jun 18, 2006
My left hand has been bothering me lately. It feels achy and will sometimes get tingly and feel cold. My thumb and forefinger are not affected very much, it seems to be predominantly my ring finger and pinky. While researching this, I saw cubital tunnel syndrome and wondered if that might be it. However, all of the symptoms listed point to pain in the palm of the hand and the pain that I have has always been across the top of my hand, mainly right where the knuckles meet your hand. I find myself rubbing my knuckles and cracking my knuckles constantly to help relieve some of the tension. I also will sometimes have a pain through the outside of my elbow (right where your "funny bone" is) and pain through my forearm (feels like muscle pain). Anyone have any words of wisdom? Can cubital tunnel or carpal generate pain across the top of your hand?

Thanks in advance,


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