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I had the ulnar transposition surgery about a month in a half ago and i know it will take time before i have full use of my hand and ellbow. My question is has anyone who has had this surgery when did the numbness in your ring finger and pinky completly go away. I am still having numbness in a little in the ring finger and in the pinky is mostly numb and numb up to the wrist. Am still getting pain at the begining of the incision and also at the bending of the ellbow. I do not go back to the drs till the end of the month. Can anyone tell me if these are normal.
I still have a slight numbness and the pins and needles sensation in my little finger, half the ring finger and my palm pad. However, this sensation is very subdued now a month after my surgery on August 29th. Each day it seems the slight sensation melts away further.

I have never had any real pain in my elbow. My incision was tender, but that's pretty much gone away now. (I was taking full swings hitting golf balls just two weeks after my surgery.)

Note: one thing my doctor did was not to put my arm in a sling as he usually does, and which is most common to have done. I know (pre-op) my doctor had me fitted for a sling and two ice packs, but elected not to use them after he did the surgery. I have not asked my doctor yet why he elected to put my arm in a straight position (probably 20 degrees) in lieu of the common (90 degrees) sling position. Also, I do not know why he did not want me to use the ice packs he wanted me to get (pre-op), which he returned to the RX departemt along with the sling. I was surprised when I came out of the anesthesia to find my arm was not in a sling. Maybe it had something to do with me making it very clear to my doctor that I wanted to be able to play golf and the preservation of my forearm muscles, etc. was important to me. I really do not know why my arm was not in a sling.


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