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If you read my post below titled "Ulnar nerve compression surgery-elbow 7 weeks ago, same elbow injured recently, help" it may help in regards to this problem.

I had surgery mid September 2007 for cubital tunnel syndrome.

Since my elbow was injured at the beginning of November (injured after surgery) I am experiencing the following: electrical shock feeling if I lean, bend or tap my elbow. I had this before and after surgery but it became worse after this injury. I also have increased numbness in my little finger and ring finger. Ring finger never bugged me before but since injury, numbness there now.

Now for the past 6 days I am experiencing burning pain in the incision area of my elbow and also the palm of my hand below little and ring finger. Now I noticed the burning is spreading in my palm just underneath my middle finger [I]The burning pain is increasing[/I] I had burning after surgery but knew it was normal and it eventually started to subside. For some strange reason the burning started up again 6 days ago and is becoming worse. After I was injured I had pain but more of typical injury pain like when you sprain or strain a muscle, not burning. Not sure why now this burning has started up again and becoming worse.

I did see the surgeon last week for a follow up. This was before the burning pain started. I told her about the electrical shock and numbness. She wasn't sure what is going on, just said to come back in 4 weeks time.

I see the surgeon early January for my next follow up.

Is this normal? The electrical shock feeling and numbness has been ongoing since Nov.4th, hasn't subsided.

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