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Hello, my name is Rachelle...and I go tomorrow 8/29 for an EMG on I hope both hands, but for sure my right hand, which is causing me the most pain.

I have been trying to read up on what to expect...for my EMG.

I have had trouble/pain with my wrists/hands/arm for awhile now...before it would come and go...well seems the pain is here to stay!

I am a secretary...but do not type all day my high school years, I was in the color guard, and did Rifles, and Flags....but for the most part, I spun a Rifle or Flag for at least an hour - 3 hours a day...and some days up to 8 hours...did this contribute???? I don't know???

I have had shooting pains up my forearm, into my elbow both inside and outside elbow and my shoulder...I have numbness in my ring and pinky well as numbness in thumb, index and middle finger....pain in the base of my hand, pain in the thumb....numbness...yet aching feeling...loss of grip..(trying to pick up change from my wallet today..I had NO GRIP). Trying to hold a dish and scrub it...I drop the dish...picked up a bottle of water today...and almost dropped it, no strength...

I go tomorrow for EMG and then get results the following week.....I want to find out what is wrong...but also know...that I still need to work full time, and I just started back to do I do it all?

I know I need to wait for results...but if anybody has any advice for me...on things to try on my own...ways to cope w/ the aching pain...please let me know.

I'm glad I have found this site, and hope to find some support from those of you that have been there and done this surgery or even problems

THank you in advance for any responses!!!

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