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... I had some mild sore wrists before but over the last few month it progressed to numbness in both hands. ... (1 replies)
... The numbness only occurs in these two fingers and is generally confined to the last digit in either of the fingers. It doesn't seem to be associated with a specific injury . ... (2 replies)
... has really improved. There is only the slightlest sensation of numbness now and it is fully functional with no sensitivity. My left hand has healed really fast. It did not have the same issues as the first surgery. ... (35 replies)

... I had hypersensitivity and numbness immediately after surgery on my left hand and still have it today, 5 years later! I didn 't experience numbness or hypersensitivity following the cts release on my right hand, done before the left. ... (35 replies)
... How much has your numbness improved since march? ... (35 replies)
... Has your numbness went away? ... (2 replies)
...'s been 2 months for me now..I still have the numbness but I notice that the intensity changes.. ... (35 replies)
... and also still have severe numbness. Wondered if you could update me on your progress. Also has anyone had initial numbness after CTS surgery that eventually went away. How long did it take? ... (35 replies)
... Release surgery on Nov. 4th. After the surgery, I could tell a great difference in how I was feeling before. However, over the past week, I've started feeling numbness again. It is nowhere near the numbness I was feeling before surgery, but it is still there. Is it normal to still feel numbness after surgery? ... (1 replies)
... i just recently got diagnosed with carpal tunnel, so i did some research. ask yourself these questions. where in the hand specificly does the tingling occur? the numbness, is it anywhere else in the hand? are symptoms worse at night or in early morning? do you expierence pain any where from the shoulder down, mainly focusing on the hand? in carpal tunnel numbness, tingling... (1 replies)
... I have this numbness in my left hand, when my elbow is bent beyond 90 degrees. What happens is the Ulnar nerve is being compressed in the Cubital Tunnel of your elbow. ... (8 replies)
... right handed. It all started in the later part of 1995 when I started getting mild pain and numbness of both of my hands and didn't think much of it. I kept using my hands alot and it was slowly getting worst as time went on. ... (11 replies)
... years that come and go, however, now I have this strange numbness that won't go away... ... (4 replies)
... The numbness in my right hand is just about gone now..I've been doing a ton of nerve gliding exercises and I think that has definitely helped... ... (35 replies)
... lol mine is the same 6 PINCHED NERVES carple tunnel cubital tunnel and guyan cannel the alner radial and medium nerve and after each release some of the pains ( pins & needles ) burning, numbness, went away or moved to a different part of the hand or arm. I was doing the nerve glides and the finger streches. everything seemed to be going ok till the physio theropist tryed... (35 replies)
... ot typical either. We obviously had a lot of pressure on the median nerve to have so much residual numbness. Some have carpal tunnel for years with no residual numbness after surgery. Really wonder why we are different? ... (35 replies)
... Before this I never had any problems with my hands whatsoever and I am pretty old now...I never had any numbness or anything related and then one friday I woke up in the middle of the night and my hand was swollen, numb and on fire!! ... (35 replies)
... ess..and yes, I could use my finger pretty much but avoid using it because it feels so weird when it touches I said it is better now though..the numbness is not as severe and it doesn't feel as bad to touch things with it... ... (35 replies)
... I had horrible pain for days while in the hospital then one day it was just numb with very little pain after that. The numbness is almost the same as before the operation but now my hand hurts and is weak with a 1 lb lifting restriction. ... (35 replies)
... I've had the CTS on Monday, March 22 and the hand has improved somewhat but I still have the numbness in my index finger pretty severly. Does this mean that I have permanent nerve damage or might the numbness still go away. ... (2 replies)

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