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I am in the process of undergoing intense use of my affected side (I have mild spastic hemiplegia on my entire right side). It entails me using my right side, particularly my hand, a lot, and also doing constraint induced movement therapy. Like normal full-side hemis, my hand is affected more than my leg. I have noticed improvement already in my hand function and weight bearing, and it has been a few weeks.
I am hoping mainly that I will have most of the use of my right hand, associated movement will go away, lessened my fatigue, and the pain in my left inner thigh (from muscle overuse - abductors) will also go away. I'm hoping to walk better and that my right lung will expand its capacity.
I am 31 so I am also trying to reverse what I can before the premature aging, wasted muscles, and the post-impairment gets really bad.

I will be doing this mostly on my own since my PT is "pediatric" and states she can no longer help me. I will be seeing a sports massage therapist occasionally. Not getting much support from family.

Has anyone ever done anything similar? I hope I'm not just dreaming naively, but I think the symptoms possibly can be treated by relearning habits, though being an adult with a not-so-malleable brain does not help.

Respectfully looking to hear from other adults with CP, not medical "experts" or parents or kids.

Any thoughts or experiences?

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