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Hello eegazda,

of course, I had all kinds of Ocupational and Physical thearpy from the age of 5 till I was 17... Your daughter could certainly benefit from both right now. I have some weakness in my right arm, and poorer coordination in my right hand than my left hand, but my legs are affected mostly from the knees down. My knees are stiff and straight from an operation when I was 11, and I can't really move my feet at all. I can feel them and they don't hurt, but I can't move them. I can walk using two canes. I have walked for the last 49 years... no wonder I'm tired :)

Diplegia means 2, and Hemiplegia means one side. CP comes in many forms, and with some other stuff along for the ride. It will take some time for your daughter to sort things out, but you can be certain that she will be a strong, loving and caring person, if you give her those skills and include her in everything you and your family do...
My daughter was just diagnosted with Spastic Diplegia. I'm confused because she also has arm stiffness, does not rotate her wrists and does not use her left hand as much as she should (she is 13 months and should be ambidextrious). If you know...when they say diplegia, doesn't that mean only 2 limbs? Her legs are weak in front and stiff in the ham strings.

I've heard that diplegics very often have some mild problems in their upper limbs even if their legs are clearly more affected. Somebody somewhere claimed that all forms of CP except hemiplegia are basically tetraplegic (involving all four limbs).
Hey all!

I just wanted to jump in here and say how proud I am for all these moms are doing for their kids!!!! I wish my parents had given the kind of attention to my CP as you guys are giving your kids!!!!!! You guys rock!

Absence seizures are also referred to as "petite mal seizures" and can occur in CP in up to 50% of CP cases diagnosed. Like musicmaker said being it a brain lesion seizures are not an uncommon thing to see. When most people think of seizures they think of the grand mal seizures with people all balled up and their eyes all glassed over etc etc. But a seizure can also be noted as a sudden muscle spasm with involuntary movements. In simple terms when I get overly stressed out I sometimes get my left arm in a state where it will stiffen right up and start shaking........that can be classified as a seizure. The things you can learn sometimes.

A lot of times the doctors like to use terms for CP such as diplegia and hemiplegia rather loosely. Hemiplegia if only one side is involved even though for a lot of hemiplegia cases the arm may not even be involved but because it is only on one side they use hemiplegia. Diplegia is used if both sides are involved even though there may be 3 limbs involved. I guess the point of it is to say do you have CP on one side or both.

Okay well I blabbed here for a while I should go now. Take care all of you!
Good luck to all the moms!


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