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[QUOTE=darrinhpt]Just wondering what it feels like, physically to have CP.

Are your muscles painful? Do they always feel tight?

Does it hurt to stretch contracted limb muscles?

Thanks, it would be great to know to be able to better understand some of the kids I work with.[/QUOTE]

Hey everyone! I'm new to this board, but I'm very excited to be here :)

In response to your questions... I don't remember being in so much pain when I was younger (I'm 18), but in recent years it seems like something [B]always[/B] hurts. My muscles often feel tight, but there are some times when they feel almost flimsy. It hurts to stretch contracted muscles, but it's not unbarable, and I find it much easier to stretch my legs now that I have had my tendons lengthened (although they are beginning to tighten up again).

It's really interesting for me to read everyone's response to this thread, especially about the left-handedness. I've always wondered if I am left handed only because my right side is affected more... and about those migraines, I hope I never get them!
I'm not really sure which type of CP I have, because it is something we never talk about (that's why I joined this board, I realized that, in order to deal with it, I have to get to talking about it!) and no one has ever told me. All I know is that it's mild, with my right side being affected more than my left, and that my legs are affected more than my arms.

Now I have a question. My right knee bends inward when I walk, does this happen to anyone else?

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