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The pediatrician says she has hemiplegia.He said with PT(possible a brace too), by the time she starts school she will most likely NOT have any limp.She will have OT on her arm which is affected from the elbow down.
Thank goodness , mentally she seems fine.
But I am a bit confused.I know CP is not cured, but the ped says she probubly won't have a limp, and with OT will have better use of her right arm. I want to feel happy about that , but I can't find anything on the internet about babies getting "almost full use back if they have CP."
Now I am wondering if he could be wrong.Could it be 2 separate problems.At one time I thought she could have erb's palsy. I'm so confused.
Can anyone give me any advice.

Maybe the doctor thought that your daughter's hemi is so mild that it's symptoms can be made invisible if the treatment is efficient enough. I've heard such thing is possible. But anyway it's *not* guaranteed that her gait will be perfectly normal.

Anyway, I would highly recommend that heel surgery if your doctor suggests it someday. Those surgeries usually produce very good results. But such surgeries can only be done to children who are at least 6 years old, so you have a lot of time to observe the situation.

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