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Hi--Mom to 4--You certainly are busy. I'm 43 and take Baclofen for the spasticity. Take at night if it makes you too tired. 20 m.g. a day is a mild dose. For constipation try a mild over-the-counter stool softner. Chiropractic helps and massage if you can find a gentle one. I'm new to the board,too. Sounds like you just had alot of undiagnosed symptoms for a long time. A physiatrist (rehabilitation and M.D. doctor is good). They have some great ones at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. You'll need a prescription from a doc for the baclofen. Neurologists can also be knowledgeable. If you have hydrocephalus and NPH they could install a shunt and there is medication for NPH which a doc can give you. Enlarged ventricles are normal for c.p. I'm 43 and have had it since birth. A couple of years ago my local doc panicked and said I had hydrocephalus just because on X-ray my ventricles were about 4 times larger than normal. Turns out I didn't have it at all. Mayo said this was the normal size of ventricles for people with c.p.
Hope this helps. Welcome. Don't despair. Keep a good attitude. krisk

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