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My name is Carmen and I am 35 with spastic athetoid quadriplegia CP. My parents brought me up to be as independent as possible. They treated me as they would if I did not have CP. If you teach her know how to do the things she can do. That is a great start. If she does something wrong, do not be afraid to correct as you would any child. If people offer to help when she gets older, take them up on it. My parents did all my care almost by themselves. They did not want outside help; like someone coming in your home and taking care of your daughter. But my advice to you is to try it first. It took my parents a very long time to accept the help. If you have any more questions. Please let me know.

I am all grown up know. I worked two jobs and volunteered I was very busy. Plus I have had lot of operations in-between everything else. I finally got the break I was looking for in 2003 I moved out on my own. They did not want me to leave because they were afraid, I had help from Personal Care Attendants and my boyfriend at the time. It was the best thing for me because my father was sick.

To make a long story short, I was married July 3rd 2004. My husband is (AB). We met about ten years ago. We were friends first and the best part of our friendship was that he did not see the CP. He new all of my limitations but he did not care. When we decided to tell our parents well you know how parents are. His side of the family asked a bunch of questions, like why would you want all that responsibility. My parents were glad. They still want me home.

Great news On June 13th 2006 I had a baby girl. Her name is Danielle and she was a month early. All in all we are so blessed with her. It is not easy because now my husband Chris has to do everything for us. I stay home with our daughter with help from the PAs. It was not easy to let other people take care of her but it has gotten easier.

It is not going to be easy. But God has a plan for you her. He did for me. I am so glad that there are people out there that realize CP is not a disease. Your daughter is going to have a great further and she can do anythng she wants to.

Carmen :)

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