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Possible CP?
Aug 22, 2003
Hello everyone!
I am Diana and I think that my 2 year old son (Nathan) may possibly have mild CP of some sort.
He has been developmentally delayed (not by a lot) since birth- has low muscle tone- had gastric refulx but has since outgrown it- he does not speak more than a few words but is progressing slowly in that area- and he is a toe walker. We just found out today that he will be getting serial casting (for 3-5 weeks) and then probably braces to help correct the toe walking.

He has several other traits that may or may not fit the description of CP such as he always has his tongue stuck out, excessive drooling even when not teething, still only has 12 teeth at age 2, he smacks himself in the head repeatedly when frustrated, he has feeding 'issues' and sensory integration dysfunction as well.

I keep going back and forth between thinking it may be CP or it may be a form af autism.

He has had several CT's (he had craniosynostosis at birth) and we just had a MRI- both of which showed 'normal'.

Can anyone here tell me what your opinion is on this?
do you think he may have CP?
am I barking up the wrong tree here?

I would really LOVE to have a diagnosis for him- not that it would change anything but at least I could learn how to help him better- ya know?

Any and all information/suggestions/opinions will be greatly appreciated!!!

God bless you and yours!

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