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Hi there! I was a 3 month premie that resulted in the CP from the oxygen etc, etc, etc. I only have it on my left side. I walked up on my toes on that side and then got the heel cord lengthening when I was 18. I don't walk up on my toes now but I do notice that I still wear the toe area of that shoe more than the good side. It was after that surgery that I started losing more muscle mass in that lower leg. I can't walk up on my toes now either. I have very little movement of that great toe, how about you????

I have been getting botox injections for about a year now and with them I have noticed that strengthening and stretching are easier. You really never feel a huge effect from the injections, but you definitely can tell when they start wearing off. I started getting the shots because I was starting to drag my left foot. The botox and my brace have helped with that a lot.
Have you had any botox injections?? It sounds like you are very familiar with its use.

Well it has been interesting reading your posts. I am glad you found this board too.

Take care,

Hello Lastramy,
what did you weigh when you were born? I was 2 months premi and weighed 2 pounds 8 ounces! All the muscles from my hips to my toes have been altered by surgery one way or another. Other than muscle soreness I really don't have a problem with pain or spasms. I did have leg cramps, mostly in my calves at night. I drink a diet suppliment called Boost. It supplies me with potassium. This stopped the cramps. I don't walk as much as I did when I worked. Now with snow and ice on the ground here, I don't go anywhere without my 20 year old custom wheelchair. When Medicare kicks in this April, I can get a new one.

My muscles are stiff but they don't prevent me from standing or walking using 2 canes. I don't stand on my toes or cross my legs unvoluntairly. From all the info I have read about Botox, I could probably use it to remove wrinkles on my pretty face. My leg muscles really do stretch as much as the did when I was 11. Botox would not benefit me really :)

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