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Hi there! I'm new to the message board so I thought I would first start off by telling a little bit about me. I'm a 25yo female and was born with a mild case of spastic diplegia. To all the people I know, they can't see anything wrong with me, but some still ask why I'm limping or giggle when I'm walking on my toes. Up until I was about 14 years old I walked on my toes but am now able to get the heels down with a little bit of effort (however, I still catch myself on them once in a while hehe). I have very tight calf muscles and hamstrings so it limits my flexibility and range of motion quite a bit. I often sprain my ankles and have torn my peroneous longus tendon that runs along the outside edge of the foot, as well as my achilles once.

I still don't let this stop me from playing sports and being outgoing. I have grown up playing hockey, baseball, track n field and have been weight training in the gym for the last 5 years. I plan on being a police officer and applying very soon but it requires flexibility in order to pass the physical abilities exam. I am very strong despite my 5'3", 115lb frame and am in very good shape.... the flexibility is the only thing that is holding me back. I don't want CP to get in the way of my dreams because I know I would be an excellent cop and seriously... how often are you going to have to bend down and touch your toes? :rolleyes: haha

As a result of walking on my toes for so long, the bones in my feet were badly deformed. I had surgery to repair one foot about 5 years ago and was in a cast for about 4 months, but I still require more to correct all the damage that has been done.

I have been looking around on the 'net about injections to help loosen my tight muscles enough to gain some flexibility. I have read a bit about Botox injections but it seems they only really use those on children, so I am wondering if adults can get any injections to help with tight muscles. Any help would be appreciated.

It's very nice to see a board where I can go and not feel so alone. Thank you & nice to meet you all!!

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