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I am new at using the message board, so please be patient. I have a little boy who has been diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy. There is really NO support groups where I am from & the name of mothers with similiar children are so busy that they really don't have to time to talk to me on the phone let alone come see them or visit them.

My son was diagnosed when he was 5 months old by a CT Scan that showed he had a spot of calcification which is what a brain bleed looks like after it's been healed (like getting a scab on a cut). Because he was so young they couldn't really tell me anything else, the only response to any questions I had for them was "we can't tell you that, we don't know, it's a wait & see thing". My son is now 16 months old & he had his MRI done at 15 months (when they are to young, under 1 years old, the brain hasn't grown much to really tell them much) & the neurologist said he was spastic hemiplegia. He has been in Physio Therapy since he was 5 months old. I have SO many questions to ask other parents, but like I said they few names I was given, they were so busy themselves they really didn't have much time. I don't know anyone else who has CP or to get really narrowed down, spastic diplegia. I don't really know what you would consider mild spastic diplegia, etc.. Me & my husband have been totally all alone with this for the past say 11 months & it has been SO lonely & no one else really understands what we're going through. I really feel bad for you, it's a pain so undescribable that seems to never go away. If you or anyone else could share your symptoms, I would SO much appreciate it.

Thank You

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