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[QUOTE=Tammymc]My 18 month old has just been diagnosed with mild Hemiplegic CP. I am so lost right now and don't know what to do. He has just recently started pulling himself to a standing position and cruising and doing the army crawl. I am so confused as to what the future holds for him. Will he walk? will he run/ will he learn like the other kids in school. Was anybody out there born with this like my son? How has this affected your life to date? Please help!!![/QUOTE]

I was diagnosed with mild hemi when I was 6 months old. I learned to walk unsupported when I was 19 months old. Your child's development seems a bit slower. Has he got any physiotherapy? He should.

I've read that nearly 100% of hemi children learn to walk and run, though most will have a limp. But it's very possible that your child will never learn to skate or ride a bicycle.

Some hemi children have additional disabilities beside the hemiplegia, for example learning difficulties. So it's difficult to say if your child will learn in a normal way. His intelligence and cognitive/perceptual abilities should be tested.

Mild hemiplegia in itself is not such a big deal, it's more just a nuisance. But additional disabilities can cause more trouble. Anyway, it's best to remember the old saying about the glass being half-full vs. half-empty. Concentrate on your son's strengths, don't make him feel pity for himself.
One more thing: Children with hemiplegia usually have normal intelligence and can attend mainstream schools, but dyslexia and other learning problems are relatively common.

Most people with congenital hemiplegia will be able to live on their own and earn their own living as adults.

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