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I am new here and just want to share with you all what I am experiencing and see if any of you are dealing with it to. I am 25, out of college and married and have had a very high level of funtioning until this last year. For a whole year I have had extreme fatique that hinders my life in a huge way. I have done a ton of rescearch and found that this secondard condition is related to CP. After reading a few post, I realize that all of us hate to think about changes as we age because all of have been told that "CP in non progressive" but I want to share what I am experiencing and what I have learned from hours of rescearch to allert people to this issue. I spent 4 to 5 months thinking that this was just depression or possiblily chronic fatigue, but I truely believe and so does my doctor that this is CP related. It is hard to go from having huge life plans to walking up in mornings and hardly able to move due to fatigue. I am just begining to learn how to cope with managing the fatigue, if any one is dealing with this please respond.

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