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Hi i'm new here
Oct 11, 2006
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="4"][/SIZE][/FONT] Hi, I'm new here. I have so-called 'mild' cp, spastic hemiplegia. I'm 27 years old and have been noticing more pain and spasticity in my legs and holding things in my hands, they start to shake more. fatigue is also become a big issue.

I used to use a cane but found this put a strain on my 'good' side (the left). so I stopped using it.

now i've moved to warmer climate (florida) but with that coems more humidity. the other day I went to an interview, and with all the walking around, i was in pain and exhausted for the next couple of days... I'm thinking of going to apply for disability benefits, but the spasticity coems and goes and previous docs said that i looked fine... how to overcome this?

also, i can't go out anymore to loud, flashy events, cuz then later my muscles start to go haywire. has anyone experienced this as well?

who her has noticed more pain/spasticity/arthritis as they get older? what's the best thing to do?

even stretching or walking can tire me, not sure when's the best time to do it to ensure that I can become more, not less mobile:rolleyes:

well, thanks for your support and suggestions...

another thing, i'm sensitive to most script and otc medications... any natural supplements help for the above problems?

best wishes,


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