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Hi all, I am glad to have found this site. I found out about it on another forum. Anyway, a brief intro:
My name is Kelly, and I am 24 yrs. old. I have spastic right hemiplegia. I have found the posts quite insightful. I was born in 1982, 2 months prematurely, because of placental abruption. I also had a grade I IVH. I walk with bilateral AFO's. Most of the time, you can't tell I have CP except by looking at my braces. I was reading the post about driving with mild CP, and that is one of my major frustrations. I have perceptual issues, and trouble finding my way from point A to point B, so therefore I can't drive. I am physically able to, but for other reasons can't. That is what is so frustrating. Is anyone in a similar situation?
Wow-- Weird coincidence, but I am also named Kelly, in my 20s with CP and cannot drive due to the same reasons that you have stated. I am surprised, but my spatial and depth perception as well as reflexes are pretty affected, despite having a very mild form of CP. I think of myself as a pretty average person, so always though I would be able to drive, but apparently not so.:eek:

I don't know what I will do when my parents are unable to drive me as they age; there are no services around here. I suppose I would just have to move to the city or hire someone as an "on call" driver.
Hi. I am new to the site. I have left hemiplegia. I didnt know there was a name for it untill now. I always told people "my left side is weaker then my right" I think mine is very mild. Bare with me on trying to explain. If I try moving my left hand fingers one at a time I feel slower and usually I cant they all go at the same time (does that make sense I hope so..) and my leg I have never been able to flex my ankle or move my toes as I say its just "dead" so because of this I limp. I have depth perseption problems also and do not drive. I was a horrible driver in school and just decided I wasnt ready and never have thought about getting my lisence since then. I am 21 by the way. I think its great that the site has this board for cp. So I guess this is my long hello! O and since I have forgot my name is lauren by the way

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