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Thanks for the info about the behind the back stuff, yankeegirl :)

Ok, alliesox, I definately don't find your questions intrusive...that's the kind of stuff that would be helpful for you to know. I also think it's important to be able to talk about one's "problems" without being embarassed, something that will also be helpful to teach your daughter (look in the thread "how do I tell my son he has CP?" for my rant on that ;) )

Anyways, I have dipilegia but my arms are also somewhat affected...they are contracted (which means my muscles are so tight that they can't be fully stretched/straightened) at the elbow at about 30 degrees, but my hands work fine to write and stuff like that.

My legs are contracted at the knee (hamstrings) more and also at the hips from my hamstrings being tight for so long...I had surgery to lengthen/loosen my hamstrings two summers ago. I've also had surgery on my Achilles tendons and adducters (muscles in the groin). All of these have helped me to walk better. I use a walker or crutches and also a wheelchair for long distances.

I suspect my dipeliga may be "moderate" because I had an SDR (which is where they cut some nerves in the spinal cord to lessen the number of messages that make the muscles contract) and I still cannot walk independently. I'm not sure about when exactly it was found that I had CP but I know my mom has said it was early on.

Other than that, I have no mental or speech problems. One of the biggest issues for me and I'm sure others is self-confidence, but if you address that early on it shouldn't be a problem.

Let us know other questions you have.

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