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Well a neurologist may say that your son would benefit from something like a baclofen pump or a selective dorsal rhizotomy, so that the spasticity is less and contractures don't happen as quickly again. That's seperate from the lengthening stuff, though, and that might not even be an option.
I'll add that your son should be evaluated for the Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy shugery BEFORE he has any orthopedic surgery. Our son was a 26 week preemie arriving at 2lb 3 1/2oz. and has a diagnosis of spastic diplegia.

My now 22 year old son had the SDR surgery at age 5 in Louisville, KY by Dr. Greg Nazar and it made it possible for him to walk alone for the 1st time at age 6 - after LOTS of PT and hard work. Before the surgery he was ambulatory using a Kaye Posture walker and was up on his toes when not in AFOs. At the time he had surgery, I was told he'd could not have the SDR surgery if he'd already had a hamstring release, tendon lengthening or other ortho procedure as his legs would be weakened too much for a good recovery. That's old information, but do check and see if it's still accurate despite the years that have gone by. Ask you child's doctor in Monroe about this procedure and get all the information possible before your son has an ortho procedure.

My son did have an tendon lengthening and other procedures as a 15 year old because his growth gave him a crouched posture. Since then and with lots more PT, his gait isn't perfect, but he was in regular school and is in college and he builds computers, too! The SDR surgery made a world of difference and improvement in his life!

I've heard excellent things about Dr. Park, too. He was in Virginia when we began our quest for information about the SDR surgery. We'd have taken our son to him had Dr. Nazar not arrived in Louisville, KY at just the right time.

Wishing you well - Barbara :wave:
Hi -

Not to side step your question, but if you do an online search for "selective dorsal rhizotomy" you'll find a wealth of information that will answer your question about the SDR procedure completely. You'll see that some of the first few matches are from St Louis Children's hospital and that's where Dr. Park works.

An online search for "hamstring release" will also give you a good idea about that surgery.

Wishing you well - Barbara :)

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