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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="4"]Before you think, "This isn't about Cerebral Palsy" then you are mistaken.

My friend has Cerebral Palsy and he was wondering a couple of things. Considering I know less than nothing on the topic, best to post it here:

1. Is a man's sperm as potent as a man without Cerebral Palsy?
2. Is a woman's Ovum as potent as a woman without Cerebral Palsy?
3. Is there any way to have sex if you have quite severe Cerebral Palsy?

He's not sick or anything, he's just 18 years old and wants to know if he can be normal like everyone else and I believe he deserves the truth - whatever that is!

Thanks guys![/SIZE][/FONT]

[SIZE="5"][FONT="Fixedsys"]x Stef x[/FONT][/SIZE]
I agree with Jelly. There's no reason that reproductive components like sperm and ova should be affected by cerebral palsy. Perhaps if there was an underlying genetic disorder that caused the brain insult that caused cerebral palsy, (I don't know every cause for CP), the sperm or ova could [I]carry[/I] the genes, but I don't see potency being affected. In other words, yes, he should wear a condom.

As for sex, I know people who are paralyzed can still have sex, so I don't know why people with severe CP couldn't. Probably best to ask a doctor about that one for a specific case. If he's ready to have sex, he's ready to talk to his doctor about having sex.

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