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Deana is due to have squint surgery on both eyes in the new year. I was wondering if anyone has any esperiences of it just so i know what to expect??
I've never heard of squint surgery so I can't be of any specific help, but I have had two CP related (strabismus) eye surgeries. I was like between the ages of 1.5 and 3 but I remember them being way easier than ortho surgeries :)
yep that's the one.
oh, it's a piece of cake. Don't worry. It all depends on how she responds to anesthesia. I get horribly nauseous, but then I know others who aren't affected at all!
hi my 11yr old had squint surgery on both eyes when she was 2yrs old,
to correct an up down squint, (they left the side to side squints alone as they were very complicated)
she was fine, it just looked awful when she came back from theatre as her pillow was very bloody, but they said it was just a little blood but they had put a gel liquid into her eyes and it had mixed in with the blood,
she came home the same day and just had a couple of swollen black eyes for a week or so.
hope this helps.
Thanks so much

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