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So i don't know if any of you remember my last post about serial casting, i haven't been on here in a while. Well, after my last visit to my ortho Friday, it's almost official I will need serial casting. I have bad knee contractures and my legs are just pretty tight in gerneral and i am in a significant amount of pain almost all the time. So yeah, while I want something to be done about it, right now, two long leg casts for a whole month seems like just about the most horrible thing in the world.

I'm 15, you're average teenager, I've got a busy life to live, and anything to get in the way of it just seems.. awful.

One of the hugest issues I've been having with it is the timing. They are doing a gait study just to make sure its OFFICIAL offical, but everyone has told me to count on it.

I'm in a very prestigious high school, and absence isn't totlerated very well. While I don't neccesarily want to miss school, who wants to screw up a whole month of summer? I Live in southern CA, so summer's pretty scorching as it is without having casts. I also attend a lot of adaptive sports camps during the summer.

This has also started a lot of fights between my mom and I. Driving home from the doc, I was really upset, and she was just all "I'M GONNA HAVE TO GIVE YOU A SPONGE BATH HAHAHAHAHA"
Thanks, mom.. so supportive.
I was consisering doing it during spring break and then doing a study contract for the 3 weeks remaining, but my mom said that was a big fat no. There is NO way I can go to school in casts. Too much transition.
My mom also said I was being inconsiderate of everyone else because my dad and her work full time, and me wanting to do it during school would be too much for them.

I feel like a big baby, but I haven't had any form of procedure for 6 yrs, and there is just so much to consider along with it. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments about the issues brought up. Please reply...
I need help.:confused:
Man, that sounds really rough, I'm sorry.

I had bilateral hamstring lengthening when I was 13 and so I was in long leg casts for about 2 months. It [I]really[/I] wasn't that bad. Don't get too down about it. It was the middle of summer in L.A. and I wasn't too hot or uncomfortable. And if it's just serial casting without any surgery you shouldn't be in pain or anything. I was able to go out with a wheelchair/crutches, I just had to make a few adjustments.

Can you stand on your own? I was able to give myself my own sponge baths by leaning against a counter. That was really mean of your mom to make a comment like that! And maybe your doc could put you in waterproof casts. I had regular casts for a month and waterproof for a month, so I was able to shower, swim, the whole nine yards!

I promise it won't be that bad. If you have any questions just ask :)

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