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Hip Surgery
Jan 10, 2008
Has anyone here or know someone who has had hip surgery due to CP? My son saw an Orthopedic Surgeon today, and he told me about my son's x-rays. I'm so down in the dumps right now. I am doing and trying to do everything so my son doesn't have to have this surgery. Somehow I seem to have not done enough. He has had O.T. , P.T. since he was about 5 months old, he is now 3 years old. I do alot of work with him at home. I never let him sit the W sitting(a favorite I'm sure you know), and I always have him walk and sit on a footstool. His hips don't look that bad, but the surgeon said that it is getting close to 50% where the ball of the joint is beginning to be exposed. I'm so depressed right now. i don't want for him to go through surgery like that. My son will get botox again in Feb. and thinking about putting him in casts. Has anyone done that yet? Peter tends to get constipated if he is not very mobile and I know that being casted for 2-4 weeks will be a total nightmare.

Tomorrow Peter will have P.T. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Re: Hip Surgery
Jan 13, 2008
[QUOTE=dmguereca;3386505]my son is 10 and he had to have hip surgery when he was 5. It was hard and very painful. I don't think you could have done anything to stop the hip problem because the muscles are so strong that it's impossible to keep them from messing up the hips. My son had a dorsal rhysotomy before his hip surgery which relaxed the muscles alot. He walked with a walker for the first time after intense physical therapy. Ask your childs doctor about this procedure. Some are able to have this surgery but not all. The main thing is if you don't do something to relax the muscles the hips will mess up again. I know what your feeling I cried all the way home after my sons dr appt when he told me about his hips. Good luck and if you have any questions just ask.[/QUOTE]

When did your son start walking? Mine started walking independently in July of 2007. It was only a few steps on his own. His walking started taking off when he was about 3 years 2 months old. He is now walking more but he is unstable, and his left leg turns in really bad. He has had botox 4 times, and he will be getting in about 6 weeks again maybe along with some serial casting. I'm not sure yet. He has a walker, but we want him to walk without depending on it. It was difficult taking it away from him, but he is managing. He is so darn stubborn, and when you look into his beautiful brown eyes, you want to do everything and let him get away with everything. You can't, because it won't help him by spoiling him in that way.

He has had P.T. , O.T. since he was an infant. He wasn't diagnosed with CP until he was 2 years old. They always said delayed. When we moved that is when we found out that he had CP.

i don't think my son needs the SDR surgery. Not too places do that type of surgery anymore. He has low muscle tone in the trunk and high along with spasticity in the legs. He has come a long way and I know there will be alot in the future. WE pray everyday, and help him in everyway we can. Our child has helped bond our family in a way that I don't think we could of bonded before. His determination and never giving up attitude has made his twin along with his older siblings realize how special we all are. We have bad days and good days(just like the rest of us), but the good is what keeps us going.

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