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[QUOTE]I have hemiplegia (left side) along with ataxic.[/QUOTE]

Ohh... I have ataxia (with spastic quadriplegia,) the ataxia is bad. I. Hate. It. The other day I was trying to do laundry and I was carrying the load in my arms and half way into the living room I just fell out of no where. I'm always grabing at crap when I'm walking (walls, furniture...whatever) and I hate standing in line for long periods because after a minute or two I start to get off balance and have walked into people many, many times! (Oops!) I have a crappy fine motor skills and get really, really bad tremors in my arms... from it. Hate them, too.

[QUOTE]I live on the tenth floor with a fantastic vew so, I'll hold my breath and take the elevator.[/QUOTE]

Wow! That's just crazy. *shakes head*

[QUOTE]I get "looks" from people when I go a few feet over to walk up/down a ramp instead of stepping on a curb.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, me too. I can't do steps at all without holding on to something, even curbs. Well, if there is NO other way, I kinda just close my eyes and hold my breath but 8 times out of ten I end up on my butt or face. In Eight grade we went to Washington, D.C. and the amount of steps was UNREAL. Thank goodness for cute guys though. I did a lot of hand holding ;-) Hehe.

[QUOTE](I fell and had to go to the emergency room.) After living independently for nearly 20 years, it is a real shock.[/QUOTE]

This is my mother's biggest fear. I've lived in my own apt for 2 years and about a year ago I fell in the kitchen on the tile and messed up my knee. Worst fall I ever had. I have a bench in the tub but I still freak out every time I take a shower. I'm afraid of slipping on the wet floor.

[QUOTE]And I am with you about the grocery store![/QUOTE]

Urgh, count me in... once you've walked the whole store, got everything in the cart from the shelf, on to the belt, got the bags back in the cart, get the bags in the car and get them down the stairs and put away.... I am so done with it all. I'm tired just thinking about it.

[QUOTE]And exercise?[/QUOTE]

LOL, yes, I don't know where my spelling skills went when I was typing that ;)

[QUOTE]Mal, I tried to do stationary bike but it hurt so much on my right leg that I gave it up.[/QUOTE]

I walk really slowly on the tredmill and I did modified Pilates and some PT stuff I remembered from all of my years in it. It's usually not too bad but I have been really lazy about it lately.

I used to ride an adult sized tricycle but it was stolen some time ago... it came in handy growing up. We used to pack the back basket full of blankets, flashlights, the Ouiji (sp?) board a boom box loads of pop, junk food and other assorted things and take off towards the woods. But I think it would hurt if I did it now.

I love warm pools though. If I could do that every day of the week I would. Nothing beats it.

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