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In reply to your post about casting for little ones, most of the people who work in the casting area will know how to deal with kids. My son has spastic diplegia (both legs) cerebral palsy and has been doing botox with casting since he was five. He'll be 9 at the end of the month. His casting the first time was only for 2 weeks, which I thought was too short of time, they then put casts back on him for another 2 weeks. A couple of times when they cast him they did serial casting and he was in his casts for 5-9 weeks at a time. But in serial casting you go back every week and they cut off the cast, check his foot/feet and then cast him again. The longest my son had to do serial casting was 9 weeks. Some things I have noticed when he gets casted. Sometimes he's ok, but other times he cries out and says it hurts. Which when you think about it they cast him right after the shots so there is no way the botox works that fast. I always thought it was from them forcing his foot into a position that would stretch him and bother him until the botox kicked in. His PT has told me that older teen patients of hers have told her that the botox burns at the shot site. The time is different for each child. So this could be why my son was in pain. Some suggestions for you during the casting...
At the hospital my son has the botox at they have Child Life. a rep from there shows up with a bag of toys to keep your child entertained. If they don't have this you can do exactly what they do...

1. bring a portable dvd player (don't forget the dvd's!)
2. have your child bring his/her favorite stuffed animal/blanket. Even wear their favorite pj's.
3. bring any games your child likes ie; uno, cards anything that's small and easy to take along.
4. bring a mirror. Someone from Child Life brought one last time and he lay there and watched them in the mirror so he could see without trying to turn over.
5. bring a cd player with a favorite cd. you could even burn your own on the computer!
6. take lots of pictures so that your child can look at them later on. be sure to get u and ur child in some of the pictures too!

Good luck

In last December my son (3.5 y.) had a casting on his 2 feet. And they were taken out on January 12. On that date the doctor told me that initially he was planning a serial casting but, after 5 weeks it seemed that it was not necessary for my son. After reading your cases I saw that periodically the casting was checked and the angle adjusted. This was not done with my son during 5 weeks and actually we were expecting it to be done when we went to take them off. But when doctor told that there's no need anymore we thought it's a good stuff! However, after coming home Burak started walking very very slow. Following 3 days he quitted walking. Now he can't walk and his feet looks very week. Yes, they look flatter, but does not work. Even in casting he could almost run and we were having difficulties to stop him. But now he doesn't move.

Do you think it's normal? The doctor told me that we should show patience, however we were not expecting such a thing. Do you think it's a temporary problem? And how long can it maintain?:


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