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Sep 11, 2008
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"][COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Hi I just read your reply in another post and I just wanted to say that my girl who's 28mths old is having her adductors done on the 22nd Sept, and I can understand your concern.

My girl has level 3 - 4 spastic quad CP although she is mentally extremely bright and has no speech/swallowing or drooling problems. She had an x-ray of her hips about 3mths ago and we were told that it looked like her hips were starting to move. So we were refered to the ortho specialist who said she needs the adductor release to avoid her hips completely dislocating. We were booked to have another more up-to-date x-ray and a talk about the operation and how urgently it would be needed. But then the hospital rang to say they had already booked her surgery and canceled the appointment with the ortho because he was out of the country for the week.

We were unaware the op was even being scheduled and without that appointment I didn't get all the information I wanted in regards to the procedure. All the information I'm getting is from the internet. I'm still in shock that the op was deemed so urgent.

She's having the adductor release and phenol obturator nerve block to help her spread her legs. There has been no mention of her needing hamstring lengthening but she has just recieved botox to her hamstrings and thumbs and long finger flexors. The botox has had a wonderful result on her hands, but not as much in her legs and she still screams blue murder during her daily stretches.

I'm interested as to what information you have in regards to your son's op, and what the expected hospital stay will be and how long he'll be in plaster. It sounds terribly painful, especially the spasm's they will endure in the week after the surgery. My doc told me she will be on Valium/diazapam for a few weeks afterwards, so I'm expecting she's going to be like a zombie.

I'd really appreciate if you could let me know (when you can that is) how the op goes for your little man. I've been told my girl will be in hosp for 3 - 6 days so I will give an update on her as soon as I'm able. Good luck with it all.[/COLOR][/FONT]

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