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I do not have time to explain entire story so to sum it up my daughter had a traumatic birth experience. She was not breathing at birth for an unknown amount of time and lost a lot of blood which required her to have 2 blood transfusions on the day she was born. The doctor was very negligent.

My daughter was diagnosed with PDD NOS, Selective Mutism, and Cognitive Disorder NOS. She doesn't relate to peers and doesn't know how to interact with others and does not pick up on basic social cues.

She also has physical defiencies. Her last OT diagnosed all areas of balance and coordination as extreme defiency. Her feet also turn outwards when she runs and her arms swing around etc. My daughter is now 12 y/o. She is on the high funtioning end of her diagnosis.

The last OT told me that she things my daughter may have Cerebral Palsy. This was mentioned a couple years ago. I didn't take it too seriously because I always thought of CP kids as unable to walk.

Recenty I came accross information that talked about how CP is associated with muscle tone, balance, and coordination and their are mild cases.

I did make an appointment for my daughter to see a neurologist back when my OT mentioned that. However, I was unable to make the appointment so I had my ex-husband take her. My ex has always denied a problem with my daughter and denies all of her diagnosis. He came back and said that the doctor said my daughter is fine. This was about 3 years ago.

I don't trust that my husband was up front and honest about the issues Abby is having and her OT diagnosis as well as the PDD diagnosis etc.

How is CP diagnosed? Is it a blood test? Is it medical history? Or is it by an evaluation similar to the OT's?

Should I take her to another neurologist and make sure I'm there this time?

Does the diagnosis really matter as long as she gets OT and stuff?

Also, are there any other health issues that would cause one to have poor muslce tone, balance, and coordination? There were other things on the evaluation like being able to reach for things a certain way etc. I don't have the evaluation with me as I'm at work.

I assumed her awkwardness was due to I'm not so sure. She was slow to reach developmental milestones but not significantly delayed.
She crawled around 10 months and walked around 16 months.
It took her a very long time to be able to tie her shoes, button her pants, zip her coat etc. She was 3rd grade before she could really tie her shoes.

She still does does not know right from left. It took her awhile to be able to ride a bike, but she can now. She cannot jump rope, hula hoop, ride a ripstik, summer saults, kart wheels, or anything like that. I even put her in gymnastics for awhile thinking that would help her, but it just humiliated her so I took her out.

Anyway, just want to figure out all her issues so I can make sure she gets the right services.

I know it seems so late as she's 12 y/o now. The problem is I was dismissed by so many people for so long. I was battling for my child for years and no one would help me.
Because she is high funtioning the school dismisses that there could be a problem.
They just refer to her as a weird, quirky, clumsy kid.

2 main questions:
Are there other health issues to explain what I described? Should I look at doctors other than neurologists?

Do her symptoms sound like they could be CP?

I have PPO so I don't have to have referrals.

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