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Hi Folks,

I am new here. I have been in search of more CP forums, specifically to find info about Aging and CP - as you all know, our issues are all but ignored.

My name is Will, and I am almost 45yo. My childhood diagnosis is spastic diplegia, with my right leg being the main offender. I now suspect I have mild hemiplegia on the right side. I had hamstring surgery on both legs, and heelcord on right foot.

I feel like I hit a wall the day I turned 40yo. I started getting more severe spasms, dystonia, and tremors. The graft points on my surgeries now hurt like hell, and feel as hard as rocks. Things like losing some coordination in my right hand really began to make me worry, that I was coming down with something more serious like MS/ALS/Parkinsons etc. I started to get muscle sprains and pulls very easy, and keep developing tendonitis in certain areas. So by the comments here, I am not alone.

My life these days is about symptoms management, I never took meds before, but 90% of it I can knock down with Zanaflex and Valium. The other 10% just pain, and when I am off work MMJ hella helps with that.

I think we can all learn from each other here.

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