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I am 32 years old have Spastic Diplegia. What she is doing is normal. She has no control over her muscles. The brain is causing all her tightness. She going to do things differently, that is to be expected. Getting up, standing up will be different for her, she has to adjust her weight just to do things. It all about balance. Let her be curious and do things and try things on her own, so she be independent.

I will say this if she walking and didn't need an operation, she's lucky. At the age of 5 I had to an abductor release, because my legs were crossing over and joints were coming out of their ball and sock it. At 11 I had a selective dorsal rhizotomy. To loosen up my muscles and stop shakes. Depending how bad she is you might want to look into it.

If you are concern never be afaird to go to the doctors.

About her feet. They are the way they are. Fixing them to do what you want them to do is nearly impossible, because she has no control over them. Because a part of her brain is damaged. You might have to go see a doctor about correcting it or something, if there is anything out there.

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