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... I am a 28 year old male with spastic diplegia who is considering a hamstring lengthening and achilles release. I have several questions and am hoping to hear from someone who also had this done as an adult versus during the child years. ... (31 replies)
... I had short leg casts for the achilles, and casts from my thigh to my ankle (not covering my feet) for the hamstrings. They wanted me to walk around as much as possible with the hamstrings, so as not to loose too much muscle. However, I couldn't bend my knees, so it was impossible to go up stairs, and my dad had to carry me. I'm not sure if you'd be able to since you'll... (31 replies)
... Hi Steffers. I agree that I should walk normally the only problem i have is that when because of the way the casts are when i plant my feet on the ground my legs rise frome the floor at more a 110 degree angle versus 90 degrees. so it's awkward to walk that way and not normal. Does that make sense? I may have asked this before but was it similar for you? (31 replies)

... Maybe there is something else going on, but it hurts to walk after achilles lengthening, period. I remember it being painful for a while. ... (31 replies)
... JellyRfan, so did you walk on your toes because of this while short leg casts were on? I find it hurts if i try and walk flat floot cause of the way my legs lean back? Thanks (31 replies)
... Falexis, I've had that too anytime I've been in short leg casts. They are probably just trying to get a little extra stretch for your achilles. (31 replies)
... Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have one flight of stairs that I need to go up to get into my apartment. For the first couple of days after surgery I am going to stay at a family members house but then I should go home. Is it doable to go up this one flight of stairs. My surgeon told me that I will have short leg casts for the achilles and removable knees splints for the... (31 replies)
... Well, i had my achilles done when I was about 10, but I had the hamstrings a couple summers ago when I was 19. The dr. ... (31 replies)
... I am having this surgery done at the end of this month. I have having bilateral hamstring and achilles lengthening. I am 29 and live alone. ... (31 replies)
... they're going to let you bend your knees? ouch!!! I had the same kind of casts that steffers mentioned for my bilateral hamstring lengthening/release. While I did move from casts to splints a week early, it still REALLY hurt to bend my knees. I could get around fine on my own, and even walked without crutches around the house while still in my casts (not a smart idea, but I... (31 replies)
... and he was significantly spastic in his legs. In Nov. 2000 he had adductor release, hamstring lengthening, and achilles tendon release on both legs. He was in full leg casts for 7 weeks. ... (4 replies)
... I'm 35 year old with cp.I walk with a alterEd gait,and have spastic in my legs.I am thinking of having aN adductor release,hamstring lenghtening,Achilles tendon release.Does anyone have information about this procedures? THANK YOU. (11 replies)
... DEAR DEVNIC , i am new to this forum and havent a clue what i am doing so hope i am doing this right. your message really struck me because you werent confident in the surgeon that performd on your son and you were really worried about the scars, didnt you have any post op apointments and what did the surgeon think when he looked at the scars when the plaster came off,... (4 replies)
... I've had all of the stuff you're talking about. I had Achilles lengthening almost ten years ago. My doc did the Botox injections in my hamstrings and adductors about 7 years ago... ... (11 replies)
... I am 25 and have CP. I have had my achilles tendons lengthened three times, but am in severe pain now. ... (11 replies)
... risking losing strength... he will be performing a Gastrocnemius Release and then I will be casted for about 6 weeks or so. ... (24 replies)
... Hi All, So I am back on my feet from the surgery and walking around with no assistance. Only thing is it seems like the left side of my body is more stiff than the right which makes my gait still look and feel a little funny. Anyone have any experience with this? Also, was wondering how long did you keep seeing gains until you felt like you plataued. Thanks, Frantz (31 replies)
... So my casts came off earlier today and i am wering afo's on each leg. The doc told me they serve the same function as the casts and I should wear them all the time until further notice. My walking is very slow right now and I am using forearm crutches. I think its more for balance right now though as I cheat and try and walk without htem in the apartment. He told me he... (31 replies)
... I had spams while the casts were on, not after. But they did the botox with me so that lasted only a few days. Therapy was ok I guess, I did water therapy which was more fun than regular. Getting around and doing things I could do before was hard for a while because I was weak. (31 replies)
... I had a bone realignment surgery so maybe since the doc shifted the bones around, the muscles also were out of wack causing spasms but I've heard of others who had casts for other reasons and had the same response. Hopefully because you did not have problems with spasms, you won't have any when the casts come off. I'm looking forward to seeing what response you do have when... (31 replies)

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