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... Patients who have Celebral Palsy or Neuromuscular or Cognitive disorders can not be able to drive. ... (0 replies)
... I am a person with celebral palsy who lives in Turkey. ... (19 replies)
... Hi JellyRJFan Yeah you can get handicap plates without having to use special equipment. I don't know about other states but I live in Chicago. No tests or anything. I have had my license for almost a year and half and I just got my own car in November. I have never had an accident or got a ticket. (19 replies)

... Some people really don't understand How Difficult It Can Be Sometimes to live with a disability. Even parents can't understand because they are not in the same shoes. I tell my brothers all the time about me not being able to work certain jobs because I'm not physically able to. They just don't understand and it bothers me sometimes. I understand exactly how you feel.... (19 replies)
... OH!! I SO feel you on that one! (19 replies)
... It's very frustrating! Last summer when I was looking for a job my dad kept suggesting like hostess and waitressing jobs. I told him that A). I can't stand for that long and B). Waitressing requires too much walking and I can't carry trays well without dropping them. He didn't believe me though. I wanted to make some smarta** comment like "let's trade muscles and see if you... (19 replies)
... Katherine, It must be really hard when your parents think that you're less disabled than you really are. You're an adult, though, and if you want to use a cane or a pair of crutches, you certainly are entitled to. Try thinking about this in the long-term, because the truth is, someday you absolutely will need some sort of mobility aid. I have chronic back pain now, and... (19 replies)
... Yeah, my dad just said I need to work on the timing of letting the clutch out and the my major problem is remembering where all the gears I *know* it...but when I go to shift, I Just kinda like forget lol....oh well, practice makes perfect. :P (19 replies)
... Michelle, I totally know what you mean. I do the eliptical machine almost every day, but I also have days when I can barely get up. I don't think my doctor will OK it because he wants me to walk as much as possible. My parents definitely wouldn't go for it because they really don't see me as disabled. For a couple months now I've wanted to approach them to get their opinion on... (19 replies)
... I just got a driving evauluation from a local company my dad and I found. :-) And took some lessons from them, too. They determined I didn't need hand controls, and now I've just been driving with my dad. Last week he started teaching me how to drive a standard. Up until then, I'd only drove automatics. Standard seems pretty cool. :-) Good luck! (19 replies)
... Don't worry, I don't think you were ignoring me. Sometimes it's complicated to get time to write things out the way you want -- I understand. And, about the car, I'm sure it was there, then, lol -- I was just teasing -- I just don't know how that whole situation got so messed up back then and I got screwed, but I know I didn't do anything to help it either. So I guess I... (19 replies)
... free meter parking?... I might have to go after this more agressively! hahaha, just kidding! (19 replies)
... I don't understand why your doctor wouldn't, Jelly. I mean, c'mon, you have a documented disability. If you lived in Michigan, you'd fall under category F on that form that Michelle copied. No one needs to know that you're not "severely" limited in walking. By the way, I was at the grocery store today and a guy in the handicapped spot next to me was driving a Hummer. He... (19 replies)
... I would like to get a placard for my car (I doubt I would use it all the time, only when the other available spaces are very far away. I wouldn't want to take the handicapped space from some one who would beed it more) because walking is so tiring for me, but my doctor would never sign the form. :rolleyes: (19 replies)
... You DO have to have a doctors note for a place card/plate. And there are some restrictions... This is a quote from the actual form you have to fill out here in Michigan: :confused: Where the heck did it go? lol (19 replies)
... Glad to be back.... it was a long week. :) You can get a plate just because you have CP. You don't have to have any special equipment. And write, you're not using that plate because you're "lazy", you're using it because you have CP and you should. Be kind to your body now even by doing something as simple as parking closer, and it might just be kind to you as you... (19 replies)
... Glad to have you back, NJenn ;) Write- can you get handicapped plates without using any special equipment? (19 replies)
... I am from Canada, and the laws are simular to the US. In my situation(mine alone) I was not able to get a drivers license until I had two doctor's notes. When I was a teenager my family would not allow me to drive as they thought I was unable to. It wasn't until I divorced and had three kids already that I thought I should try for my license. I was 26 years old then. I talked... (19 replies)
... I also just took the regular driving test. I didn't need any special equipment so I did not have to have any write ups from the doctor or evaluations. The only thing that I wanted and probably shouldn't have gotten was handicap plates because the plates make me lazy. I don't have to walk very far now :) (19 replies)
... It usually works like this in the US: Abled-bodied teenagers usually learn to drive while in school, and they drive with their parents for practice before they are allowed to get their license. For those of us with CP, and other disabilities, it's a bit harder. The prospective driver will go through an evaluation with a driving specialist to see what (if any)... (19 replies)

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