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... My daughter has just recently been diagnosed with mild left hemi cerebral palsy. She has just had her first appointment with the physio who has said she is actually doing really well. ... (2 replies)
Hi i'm new here
Oct 11, 2006
... Hi, I'm new here. I have so-called 'mild' cp, spastic hemiplegia. I'm 27 years old and have been noticing more pain and spasticity in my legs and holding things in my hands, they start to shake more. fatigue is also become a big issue. I used to use a cane but found this put a strain on my 'good' side (the left). so I stopped using it. now i've moved to warmer climate... (3 replies)
... Hello my daughter was just recently diagnosed with mild CP.. hers is mixed with hemiplegia and high and low muscle tone. she is walking.. unsteadily and talking more.. she is receiving therapy already from an intervention program.. ... (2 replies)

Battling fatigue
Jun 19, 2006
... But, I am 41 with mild L hemiplegia. Yes aging will very much increase the fatigue issue. ... (627 replies)
... Hi...My son, who has mild right-sided hemiplegia, has always had a hard time relaxing enough to fall asleep. When he was younger, I used to give him a small amount of Dimetap half an hour before bedtime. He's now 21, and takes 10 mg. of Vistiril instead. I'm not saying to automatically medicate your son, but if nothing else works it's something you might want to ask his... (12 replies)
... y really didn't have much time. I don't know anyone else who has CP or to get really narrowed down, spastic diplegia. I don't really know what you would consider mild spastic diplegia, etc.. ... (9 replies)
... What type of CP does your daughter have? If she has hemiplegia, then I would recommend a surgery (Achilles tendon lenghtening) anyway. It usually gives good results. On the other hand, I'm not sure if it helps with the leg length discrepancy. Maybe she needs orthopedic shoes. (6 replies)
... Maybe the doctor thought that your daughter's hemi is so mild that it's symptoms can be made invisible if the treatment is efficient enough. I've heard such thing is possible. ... (3 replies)
Battling fatigue
May 9, 2004
... Yes, only my right side is involved. I *can* sit unsupported with my legs straightened (hmm, I'm not sure if a can straighten my spastic leg 100% well, but anyway). And I can also do calf raises with my right leg, even if my right calf is clearly weaker and thinner. Every case of CP is unique, so it's very difficult to tell, which orthopedic problems are caused by CP and... (627 replies)
... Kristine, Hi, I am 38 with mild CP (hemiplegia). I had very few problems as a child and had my achilles tendon lengthened when I was 17. My problems started a year ago with lower back pain, and a decreased range of motion. I went to PT and there they discovered that I was also dropping my foot a lot and leg getting stiff. I now wear a leg brace to help with that and I... (16 replies)
... I am 20. I have mild right hemiplegia. I have noticed that as I have entered adulthood my symptoms of CP have CHANGED. ... (14 replies)

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