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SDR Parents
May 27, 2007
... Hello all SDR Parents! ... (7 replies)
... surgery that he was not sure if the SDR would help her right foot. She's rotated quite a bit on the right leg and I think having it fixed could save her from some premature joint issues. ... (25 replies)
... these are things only other parents would think to share! You also put my mind at ease about the pain management following the surgery. Most of the parents here seem to be saying that it isn't as bad as they had anticipated. ... (25 replies)

... If I may ask, what type of CP does your child have? My son has CP diplegia. He is 3 years old(a twin), and he is going to preschool 3 times a week. He also has a walker, but the school and I have decided that we do not want him to use the walker. He really wants to use it all the time, but I have taken it away from him, forcing him to go without it. His walking has... (10 replies)
... t ware the SDR option until a couple of month ago when we visited Dr. Alexandre in UNC. Plus Dr. ... (10 replies)
... had the SDR on March 24. We started PT the week after we were home. ... (25 replies)
... Dr. Park perform the surgery, I would highly recommend it. He has really streamlined the procedure to make the recovery easier for kids. Also, he has done more SDR surgeries than any other person in the world, which put our minds at ease thinking that Kaitlyn was in the best hands possible. ... (10 replies)
... Kaitlyn mom, How is Kaitlyn doing now? Wish he is doing great. (10 replies)
... Dear Tara, How disappointing! I'm so sorry to hear that surgery had to be postponed. But I'm glad your not viewing this set back as a 'bad sign'. Dr Park and his entire staff were great. Maggie has benefited so much from this surgery. I wish more DRs would inform their patients/parents about the SDR. We had never heard of it in our 13 years with Mag. And once we brought it... (25 replies)
... We shared a room with another SDR patient who had surgery the same day. ... (25 replies)
... I vaguely remember another bed in the same room that was sometimes empty, somtimes not. But I don't remember any big problems. I liked it better when we had the room all to ourselves. The other child did not have SDR, something totally different. It was fun to see another toddler around sometimes. They only stayed a day or so, I think. We were a little worried about... (25 replies)
... Well, it's official, Kaitlyn will be going for the SDR with Dr. Park in late October. We are really excited, and of course very nervous too! ... (25 replies)
... Our son Noah has spastic diplegia, and he sometimes used a walker, too, before he had his SDR surgery. Everything you said about your child with the scissors, going slow, falling a lot, walking long distances was true about Noah, too. ... (10 replies)
... Hi All! Maggie continues to do well. It's been 20 months since her SDR. We had our final check with Dr. Park this summer and he discontinued her clinical physical therapy. We still do stretching at home but no longer have to make the trips in to the PT. All the trips to the PT were well worth it though. I couldn't have done this without them. She still gets fatigued with... (10 replies)
SDR Parents
May 28, 2007
... I have not had SDR surgery but I have had theraputic horseback riding and it does help to strengthen the trunk. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Kaitlynsmom! Boy, you guys had a rough go of it--glad you are home and on the mend! I remember Noah being more tired than usual for up to four months post-op, although we did see improvements each week in his strength and in the things he could do. We were careful to do his post-op exercises every day, although our local PT said some were too advanced for him at... (25 replies)
... We were just wondering how Kaitlyn was getting along. Were you able to have the SDR in December? ... (25 replies)
... Hi NWMOM (and everyone else following Kaitlyn's progress!) - Thanks for asking about Kaitlyn. Her surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday, 10/24. We are getting anxious and excited for her big day. Unfortunately both Kaitlyn and her 9 month old brother came down with a nasty cold, so we are busy trying to get everyone healthy before we leave this weekend. I'm so glad... (25 replies)
... I forgot to say one thing about Noah's SDR experience. The last two days Noah was in the hospital there, he was very uncomfortable at times. ... (25 replies)
... When Maggie was moved from the PICU to the neuro floor, she had a roommate. I believe he was about 4 and was also an SDR patient. He had a twin sister that did not show any signs of CP, from what I could tell. He went home on our 3rd day, but another girl was moved in that evening. ... (25 replies)

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