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Mar 4, 2009
... Thank you for responding. Can you tell me how your child was before SDR and what results you saw after SDR? ... (31 replies)
... tumble upon it and can help give me some advice. I'm facing the same thing with Dr. Park's team about my son's pronation. It has definitely worsened since he had SDR 6 months ago. They were adamant that he only needed inserts even when I asked them to reassess his condition. ... (14 replies)
... decided that we do not want him to use the walker. He really wants to use it all the time, but I have taken it away from him, forcing him to go without it. His walking has improved so much because of it. He walks very, very slow, but with pretty good balance. He falls alot, and has really mastered it. ... (10 replies)

... fter his surgery two years ago. The strengthened muscles are making it easier for him to extend his leg out and take longer steps, which has gotten him closer to walking on his heel than anything else. Hope this helps someone out there! ... (0 replies)
... rings, hips, quads and feet. I walk independently I have noticed however over the past 2 years I feel exhausted by the end of the day and having more difficulty walking for long periods of time and with stairs. Now that I am 39 I am really concerned what the next 5, 10, 20 years will be like given this level of trajectory. ... (2 replies)
... We are in the process of beginning assessment for SDR for my 6 year old son. ... (14 replies)
... Kaitlyn mom, How is Kaitlyn doing now? Wish he is doing great. (10 replies)
... Well, it's official, Kaitlyn will be going for the SDR with Dr. Park in late October. We are really excited, and of course very nervous too! ... (25 replies)
New to the forum,
Dec 13, 2010
... Poodle is an amazing little girl that thank goodness, is able to walk, although a bit wonky, independantly, however she has to use a walker or walking sticks for longer distances. She is starting school next year and is so excited that she is already wearing a uniform to her transition days. ... (4 replies)
May 1, 2009
... Now that it has been awhile since Noah had his SDR do you see he is still improving or that it has plateau? ... (31 replies)
... Thanks so much to both of you for replying. It's good to hear from others in the same situation and to know you're not the only one out there struggling with this issue. Noah is doing quite well also. He is very mobile and can ride a tricycle, but still falls a lot while walking. At this point, he walks everywhere without any assistance besides his AFO's. He does tire out... (14 replies)
... Our son Noah has spastic diplegia, and he sometimes used a walker, too, before he had his SDR surgery. Everything you said about your child with the scissors, going slow, falling a lot, walking long distances was true about Noah, too. ... (10 replies)
... y on her left foot this year just to help keep her foot flatter instead of pronating so much. It was very successful and for the first time in a long time she is walking with no pain. Such a relief! ... (10 replies)
... How old are your twins? Mine are 3 now. Peter has CP diplegia and his left side is affected more than his right. He can walk independly but only a few feet. His balance is getting better. He mainly walks with a walker now(Thank God); it took forever to get him to use his walker. Peter has gotten botox also and Nov. will be his 4th time this year(done quarterly). (14 replies)
... ore on the RIGHT side than the left. My son can walk about 50 metres by himself, but very laboured. The botox has been great so far, and recently we even got him walking from his class down the hall to assembly by himself with AFOS in barefeet, helmet on, and very unsteady but very determined to do it! ... (14 replies)
... Thank you for explaining it to me. My son ( he is a twin) is 3 and has CP diplegia. His left side of his body is affected more than his right side. He just started walking independently (just a few feet) without his walker. He has lots of spasticity in his legs. Very, very high tone. I'm hoping through lots of p.t., o.t., botox and stretching it will become less as he... (14 replies)
Mar 31, 2009
... terday and now she is taking about 10 steps. But still a slow progress. I was wondering if you remember how long it took for your kid to go back to moving around walking instead of crawling. I feel so bad for her to craw around the house when she used to jolt all over the place! ... (31 replies)
... my son doesnt use his right arm so could only try one stick with his left hand. The teachers all cracked up because he started walking down the hall by himself holding the stick in the air saying "look everyone, I am walking with my stick!!! ... (14 replies)
Apr 10, 2009
... I watched her pre surgery and post surgery walking videos and really didn't notice too much difference yet. She is still so weak and walking clumsily yet it is softer than before. But when I stretch her it is so noticeable how lose she is now compare to previously. ... (31 replies)
... PT at the time liked the estim a lot, and said that if you used it with the remote control button and pushed the button while he was pushing off with his foot in walking or while he was exerting his muscle during an exercise, that it optimized the muscle strengthening benefits of the estim unit. ... (14 replies)

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