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... I am good. The best way is to talk about sex before you are in the moment. Your question on spasms. There is the general spasms that some of has. And there is the Startle Reflex. ... (51 replies)
... Kurt be graphic.i've been trying to get information about CP and sex for 4 months now.Okay you know i'm doing a soap opera for public access.I need help writing the love scene too.My guy got upset when we talk about sex. He has mild CP and a speech iimpairment. ... (51 replies)
... romanticly.He's been reject all his life because of his CP.He's a private person because of his speech impairment.He does things for people so nobody focus on him.He talks and give people advice online but don't get attach to him. ... (51 replies)

Sex and CP
Aug 23, 2008
... My boyfriend has CP. We have been together for two years and though we have never had intercourse, we have done other sexual related things and he has never had any limitations. ... (4 replies)
... woman I presume... Kurt "Mojonator" has said that he uses a power chair to get around. I don't know what type of CP he has, but he does seem to be a "social" person indeed. ... (51 replies)
... As for sex, I know people who are paralyzed can still have sex, so I don't know why people with severe CP couldn't. Probably best to ask a doctor about that one for a specific case. If he's ready to have sex, he's ready to talk to his doctor about having sex. ... (3 replies)
Sex and cp?
Sep 18, 2007
... I have CP and sex is not an issue for me except I can't get into positions as fast as the average person but I try them anyway lol (3 replies)
Sex and cp
Aug 27, 2013
... I have been dating my boyfriend for the last several months and we have become intimate. He has CP and everytime he... he says it hurts and it is because of that. Im wondering if there is something I can do to help him. ... (3 replies)
Sex and cp?
Nov 4, 2007
... nt the woman to be honest and open. As long as you are patient and willing to "try new things", it doesn't have to be a big deal. I hope I don't get in trouble for posting this, but consider taking control the first time and get on top. This will ease the pressure and allow him to open up. ... (3 replies)
Sex and cp
Oct 21, 2013
... Sex should be a joyful experience for both of you. If your boyfriend is finding it painful, he should talk to his doctor. ... (3 replies)
Sex and cp
Nov 13, 2013
... enjoyable for him... ... (3 replies)
Sex and CP
Oct 15, 2008
... No limitation for myself. I do what is comfortable for me and my hubby. It's all good. ... (4 replies)
... a month, live rent, food, and utility free, then when all her tricks were used up she offered him sex for his first time if he would get her a loan. He did all this because in 26 years no one had shown him any human effection. ... (51 replies)
... There is not much out there about sex and C.P but I can tell you from experiences that the best way is to be open with him and tell him you don't mind his body spases during sex. ... (51 replies)
... Your making me laugh.I'm glad you understand what i'm feeling.I'm not thinking about sex but your right he is missing out on some good booty.Other people on the yahoo group doesn't understand how i can be attach to this guy scent we only meet Oct. ... (51 replies)
... an Musicmaker360.I feel like i have a good man in front of me but i will never get that chance. Me and this guy want the same things in a relationship. He afraid for me to see him have spasm and to hear him talk. ... (51 replies)
... Good luck in your sorority vote.I like your energy kurt about life.Kurt you don't let anything stand in your way.Your not hurting in the sex department.Your the perfect person to talk about CP and sex with. ... (51 replies)
... I found out about his CP before he told me.I was surprise to read he had mild CP and a speech impairment on the message board.It didn't bother me one bit. I see him but it's easy for me to say that because i haven't met him face to face. ... (51 replies)
... ave been married 3 times, all to able bodied women. The first marriage was at 20, second at 26, and the current with my beautiful wife Ella. We have been married for three years. Ella is 40. We have no children. I am a guitar player and I wear a diamond stud earring in my left ear. An 'ol Hippy Rocker for sure. ... (51 replies)
... I wish i could talk to you in private because you and mojonator are touching on some issue we would face if are path ever cross again.Your right cp is no excuse not to live a full happy life. ... (51 replies)

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