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Sex and cp
Nov 22, 2013
... Dan Savage has talked a bit about sex with CP/disabilities on a few occasions. You might try searching through the archives on his website. From what I recall, a good chunk of his advice is to talk openly and frankly about what causes pain, what doesn't, etc. Brainstorming could be fun, too, right? ;) Best of luck. --e (3 replies)
... There is not much out there about sex and C.P but I can tell you from experiences that the best way is to be open with him and tell him you don't mind his body spases during sex. What I tell the girls is that when I jump is due the great "job" they are doing. ... (51 replies)
... icmaker650 i'm an AB woman.I don't have a problem hearing graphic things.I want to be educated about CP.I don't know if i'll ever talk to my guy again.He help me with my soap opera writing and i want him to see the final result on DVD.The next time we talk.I want to be educated about CP. ... (51 replies)

... Your making me laugh.I'm glad you understand what i'm feeling.I'm not thinking about sex but your right he is missing out on some good booty.Other people on the yahoo group doesn't understand how i can be attach to this guy scent we only meet Oct. ... (51 replies)
... Good luck in your sorority vote.I like your energy kurt about life.Kurt you don't let anything stand in your way.Your not hurting in the sex department.Your the perfect person to talk about CP and sex with. ... (51 replies)
... woman I presume... Kurt "Mojonator" has said that he uses a power chair to get around. I don't know what type of CP he has, but he does seem to be a "social" person indeed. ... (51 replies)
... i get hope when i hear stories like yours and ella.She didn't give up on you or was scared to be with you in a relationship.You both took a chance on each other.I'm a size 18.i'm not skinny.I know about stretch mark.Your a good man Musicmaker360. ... (51 replies)
... the way me and my guy met.I didn't know nothing about CP.This doesn't matter to me.What i know about him personally.This is a man i want to have a chance to be with in a relationship.Thats why i want to know what to expect.I have type 2 diabetes and some kidney damage.I know about struggle with you body and health. ... (51 replies)
... after they were told I have CP. Some women know what CP is, and some don't. I had dated some disabled women, and I was amazed at their sexual abilities... ... (51 replies)
Sex and cp?
Sep 13, 2007
... I just started dating a guy with cp. It affects the right side of his body and he has a limp and a little problem with his hand. I was wondering if he would have any problem having sex. ... (3 replies)
... can vary as well, no two CP cases are exactly alike. ... (51 replies)
... I am married to an incredibly handsome, wonderful man with spastic quadriplegia. He's charming, intelligent, and witty. ... (3 replies)
Sex with C.P.
Mar 11, 2011
... Most people with CP are able to have sex sometimes with modificationfor comfort.What kind of CP does your BF have? ... (1 replies)
Sex and cp?
Nov 4, 2007
... As a guy with CP, I would want the woman to be honest and open. As long as you are patient and willing to "try new things", it doesn't have to be a big deal. ... (3 replies)
Sex and cp?
Oct 6, 2007
... If you are going to date someone with CP, I would encourage you to be comfortable asking them questions. ... (3 replies)
Sex and cp
Nov 13, 2013
... my case if I don't have to be the one 'performing' it can help. Short of that, I sadly dont have many suggestions other than to try to talk openly with your partner. ... (3 replies)
... e alot.Great your the perfect person i want to talk too. I hope i get another chance to talk to my guy again but when i do i want to be prepared. Kurt being open with my guy isn't a problem with me.I'm not going to lie what i heard so far about my guy i want him but i'm not going to put my life on hold. ... (51 replies)
... I am good. The best way is to talk about sex before you are in the moment. Your question on spasms. There is the general spasms that some of has. And there is the Startle Reflex. ... (51 replies)
Sex and CP
Aug 23, 2008
... and though we have never had intercourse, we have done other sexual related things and he has never had any limitations. He isn't as flexible as someone without CP might be and he tends to tense up when he is close to ejaculating, which causes some minor issues, but other than that sex is GREAT. ... (4 replies)
... I found out about his CP before he told me.I was surprise to read he had mild CP and a speech impairment on the message board.It didn't bother me one bit. I see him but it's easy for me to say that because i haven't met him face to face. ... (51 replies)

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