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... I have one hand on my walker to keep me somewhat stable. Still, it's great sex nonetheless because I love my wife. ... (5 replies)
... I agree with Jelly. There's no reason that reproductive components like sperm and ova should be affected by cerebral palsy. Perhaps if there was an underlying genetic disorder that caused the brain insult that caused cerebral palsy, (I don't know every cause for CP), the sperm or ova could carry the genes, but I don't see potency being affected. In other words, yes, he... (3 replies)
CP and Sex
Jun 10, 2006
... I concur. I'm 38 and have been very happily married for over eight years, and my AB wife and I have a great sex life together. ... (13 replies)

Sex and cp
Nov 13, 2013
... I can thoroughly relate to your pain as well as your BF's. I am a 33 year old male with spastic diplegia and until recently I very much enjoyed sex with my wife; however in the last few months I have begun to experience what seems to be ever increasing pain and debilitating loss of energy from even the simplest of tasks (like sitting in a chair for more than 10-15 mins). My... (3 replies)
Sex and cp
Oct 21, 2013
... It might just be a matter of being inventive and finding ways of having sex that put less strain on whatever is hurting. Good luck! ... (3 replies)
Sex and CP
Aug 23, 2008
... He isn't as flexible as someone without CP might be and he tends to tense up when he is close to ejaculating, which causes some minor issues, but other than that sex is GREAT. Have you experienced any limitations with sex because of CP? ... (4 replies)
CP and Sex
May 14, 2006
... rned 18 and will be going off to college in September. She is anxious about fitting in. When I asked what the concern was she said she wasn't sure she could have sex so no guy would want her!!! ... (13 replies)
... How soon after surgery can/did you start having sex? Also, for women, is it more intense with the pump? I just had my 2nd pump placed in last week, and I seem to want my bf all the time!! or is that just him being him lol (0 replies)
Sex and cp
Nov 22, 2013
... Dan Savage has talked a bit about sex with CP/disabilities on a few occasions. You might try searching through the archives on his website. From what I recall, a good chunk of his advice is to talk openly and frankly about what causes pain, what doesn't, etc. Brainstorming could be fun, too, right? ;) Best of luck. --e (3 replies)
Sex with C.P.
Mar 11, 2011
... Most people with CP are able to have sex sometimes with modificationfor comfort.What kind of CP does your BF have? ... (1 replies)
Sex with C.P.
Mar 10, 2011
... My boyfriend has C.P. and i was going too see if there is a web site i can go to to learn more sex passion's to help us both out. ... (1 replies)
Sex and CP
Sep 28, 2008
... no ;) we can have sex (4 replies)
Sex and CP
Aug 18, 2008
... Im just wondering how cerebral palsy effects sex? I know it effects my sexal function (4 replies)
Sex and cp?
Sep 18, 2007
... I have CP and sex is not an issue for me except I can't get into positions as fast as the average person but I try them anyway lol (3 replies)
Sex and cp?
Sep 13, 2007
... I just started dating a guy with cp. It affects the right side of his body and he has a limp and a little problem with his hand. I was wondering if he would have any problem having sex. I am trying to find out as much as I can about cp but dont really want to come right out and ask him at this point about sexual issues. thanks (3 replies)
... Hello, I am new to this board, im 27 male, with minor cerebral palsy, and my foot is turned in causing me to walk with a slight limp. I am writing because while i have had many partners, they were not love, and mostly just sex, and they would just be on top. However now i have a very serious girlfriend who I love very much and wish to please in everyway. I am having trouble... (5 replies)
... I'm not an expert here by any means, but I would think yes on all three counts. I don't see how CP could effect potency and of course there are ways to have sex... as long as all parts function properly ;) (3 replies)
... Is there any way to have sex if you have quite severe Cerebral Palsy? ... (3 replies)
CP and Sex
Jun 3, 2006
... ut nothing can match actual experience. I'm not saying that you should encourage your sons and daughters to have sexual encounters with hundreds of people, safe sex practices are always a must, but they gain knowledge from these encounters. ... (13 replies)
CP and Sex
May 31, 2006
... I have CP and sex is very possible evan having children. I experiement with my hubby and we find ways that are comfortable for me as well as him. ... (13 replies)

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