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... I have a daughter who is almost 9 and she has severe spastic quadriplegia. ... (8 replies)
... and has spastic quadriplegia. ... (12 replies)
... as on an insurance invoice. When we questioned the doctor he then told us. He said they don't like to give the diagnosis until the age of 2. Anyway my son has spastic quadriplegia and camando crawled. My advise is to let your child be a child. Don't over protect, and shelter him. ... (12 replies)

... Welcome aboard spngbobsmom! My name is Katherine, and I have spastic quadriplegia as well. I'm relatively new here, but I'm sure that some of our veteran posters can give advice better than I can as I am only 18. ... (12 replies)
... Hello. My name is Julie. I found out yesterday that my son has spastic quadriplegia. ... (12 replies)
... My Son will be 4 on Thursday and he has Spastic Quad. CP He can't sit, talk, eat anything more than soft foods etc... but is very cognitive and understands a LOT more than people give him credit for. ... (11 replies)
... He has spastic quadriplegia. ... (4 replies)
... io for almost a year so i find myself doing it all. i also have a 6 month old daughter so its hard to find time to do everything. as you know having a child with spastic qaud cp is more then a full time job in itself. ... (8 replies)
... hello i have a son 2 and a half with spastic quad and epilepsy. ... (8 replies)
... Hi my daughter Emma is 2 and is also a spastic quad. She has no gag or swallow reflex so she has a tracheostomy and uses a ventilator to help her breath due to apnea. ... (11 replies)
... I have a three and a half year old with Spastic Quad CP and he can't not do much on his own I still have to do a lot for him. ... (11 replies)
... GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR NEW LITTLE ONE. I have a daughter with spastic cp in her legs and right arm. Her right arm is a little tight and her torso is very weak. Good Luck with everything! ... (11 replies)
... regnacy but a long and hard delivery and due to negligent doctors my sons delivery was delayed which resulted in lack of oxygen and he is now livin his life with spastic quad cp. ... (11 replies)
... Hi :wave: I have spastic quadriplegia CP and I don't really know how old I was when I started to talk (maybe only a little bit behind my peers), but I didn't start walking until after I was 2. (9 replies)
... Hey moms, I am a spastic quad & I used to crawl that way. The leaning, in my case, is Scoliosis. I don't wear a brace. Over the years, I have found it necessary to raise my left wheelchair armrest. I'm hoping that will be enough to maintain my posture as I age. These muscle/skeletal problem is common w/ CP. Nowadays, I constantly see lawyer commercials that encourage... (12 replies)
... My son is 4 months and he is having developmental delays too. Cp has been mentioned but not diagnosed. Just wondering... When you said he crawls commando style, do you mean he squirms like a snake on his belly. My baby does this. I also wondered if your childs back tends to lean and favor one side. My baby has weird posture. My baby's also spastic w/ his arm movements. He hit... (12 replies)
... How are your arms affected by your quadriplegia? I'm wondering because most of the people I've see or heard of who are quads don't have very good fine motor skills. Most of the people I've seen / known that have only ok, but not great fine motor skills are classified as having diplegia. I know this is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I am curious about it. (17 replies)
... spastic quadriplegia and so my CP has not come between us and I think in fact has made our relationship stronger because it is another thing we have in common. ... (21 replies)
... Your children have no more chance of having cerebral palsy than anyone else's child. You do not pass it on. It is more like having had an accident than having a disease. Good luck with marriage and a family. (2 replies)
... I am a mild spastic suffering from Spastic Quadriplegia. I am also an epileptic. My mother is planning to get me married. ... (2 replies)

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